Plate Carrier K19 Agilite®

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K19 Agilite is a modern plate carrier that was designed in Israel and tested behind enemy lines by elite Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It has a number of inconspicuous but revolutionary features that you will not find in other models.

Simple adjustment 

Many modern plate carriers have quick-release systems, but these always have the disadvantage that they cannot be easily adjusted after installation. The Agilite K19 is equipped with the Egress quick-release system and the Fast-Adjust cummerbund system, which can be individually set and adjusted.

Suitable for every mission

The fit and adjusting of the carrier may depend on the specific equipment of the mission, what you are wearing (which may change during the mission), or even how full your stomach is. The key for avoiding unnecessary fatigue and compromising combat awareness is the ability to adjust it on the fly. The adjustable cummerbund also has a built-in stretch element, thanks to which the vest fits well and does not move while running, nor do you pinch your torso when kneeling.

Comfortable to wear

The K19 plate carrier shares many comfort features with the Agilite K5, which is considered to be the most comfortable model on the market. These include robust padding, which ensures extreme comfort even during long-term use. Another interesting feature of the K19 is that the shoulder straps form a "V" shape, which distributes the weight over the maximum space and relieves pressure points. In addition, the shoulder buckles are set way back so they do not interfere with the positioning of the gun-stock.

Ballistic protection 

K19 is equipped with a pocket for ballistic plates with the possibility of internal adjustment for perfect adaptation to all common sizes (SAPI S, M or L). The back pocket contains a triple layer of low-profile foam to remain comfortable even when used with hard steel or ceramic armor plates. These inserts often have sharp edges that can uncomfortably dig in to the torso. The padding on the K19 eliminates this.

Modular extensions 

On both sides of the carrier you will find an extensive MOLLE binding with a velcro surface, which allows expansion of additional accessories or attachment of ID patches. There is a small zip pocket in the middle. The shoulder straps have attachment points to the communication wires or hydration tubes. The K19 is also compatible with the Agilite K-Series, which means you can connect the AMAP III Assault Pack to it in seconds.

Benefits you need to know about : 

  • Egress quick release system
  • Fast-Adjust Cummerbund
  • easy adaption to the figure
  • shoulder buckles do not interfere with the weapon-stock
  • front zip pocket 
  • for all common plate sizes (SAPI S,M, or L)
  • Fusion foam shoulder padding
  • polymer drawcords Mil Spec
  • patented "V" design 
  • comfortable with long-term wear
  • Agilite K Series compatible 
  • shoulder straps with attachment points to the communication wires or hydration tubes
  • designed, tested and combat-proven in Israel
  • front and rear laser-cut MOLLE 
  • rear drag handle 
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K19 Agilite® plate carrier

Important parameters

1.134 kg
Material in detail
Main material: 1000D nylon meeting tactical standards Mil Spec
Buckles and other hardware: polymer meeting Mil Spec tactical standards
Dimensions in detail
Universal size - fits all body types, shapes and sizes
SAPI / ESAPI sizes S, M, L / other common ballistic plates 1,5" (cca 3,8 cm) thick and dimensions 10" (approx 25,4 cm) x 12" (approx 30,5 cm)
Hook and loop chest panel dimensions: 25 cm x 9 cm


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