Tasmanian Tiger® Tac Pouch 10

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Product code: 7573-346
EAN: 4013236035155
Warranty period: 2 years

Large universal pouch TT Tac Pouch 10. What you put in the pouch depend only on you and your imagination. You can store what you need in it. And it can be tools, equipment, drugs or similar items. Fastening to the equipment is provided by the extended MOLLE system on the back. It allows you to easily attach it anywhere to a compact space. You can attach it to a bag, vest, backpack or elsewhere. Easy access to the pouch is ensured by a wide double-sided zipper. The MOLLE system is also located on the front. Thanks to it you can attach small accessories to the pouch. There are also 2 compression straps with buckles. Therefore, if you do not use all the offered space, you can make the pouch smaller with these straps. To get the full volume you will loosen them again.

Large pouch with excellent durability

TT Tac Pouch 10 is made of proven material, so it can easily handle frequent use. High quality and durability are ensured. For this reason, Cordura 700D was used in the production. This material is also used for the production of full-size backpacks and tactical vests. This modern material provides the pouch with excellent resistance to various types of mechanical damage. Tac Pouch 10 thus easily resists tearing or abrasion. It also perfectly manages the stay in an environment where it has to withstand tearing on rough surfaces and rain. It provides maximum protection for your content in any environment. It protects the contents even in the rain, because the construction of the pouch is water resistant. In addition, it has only minimal weight. The MOLLE system has straps made of durable material, so it reliably keeps the pouch fixed during difficult terrain movement.

The Tasmanian Tiger brand is a worldwide producer of professional police and military equipment. Only the highest quality materials are selected for production. Their design combines maximum functionality and a modern look. All their products are manufactured directly in the TT brand's own factory, thanks to which the brand has supervision over the maximum quality of its products. The quality and properties are regularly checked by independent testing laboratories according to international standards. After production, they inspect each product and give it an identification number, which is then stored in the company's database.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • large universal pouch
  • various use
  • 2 compress straps
  • wide double-sided zipper
  • MOLLE on the front side
  • easy contents manipulation
  • attachment to equipment thanks to MOLLE
  • reliable Cordura® 700D material
  • wearing resistant
  • water-resistant construction
Height  30,0 cm
Width 20,0 cm
Depth 5,0 cm
Weight 305 g
Material 700D Cordura®
Webbing on pouch MOLLE compatible
Use universal / additional backpack pocket 
Fastening MOLLE compatible
Other specification
large volume
2 compress straps with quick-release buckle around the whole pouch
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