Knife and multitool sheaths

It is really important to have a good knife sheath that will suit us both in terms of placement and security. How do we recognize good holster and where we can actually use it ?

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Knife and multitool sheaths

Just like we are dressed in clothes, it would be inappropriate to carry a knife without a sheath. It is not as important for the folding knives, but what about fixed blade knives ? Can we just carry them in our pockets or behind our belts ? No, we can certainly not. That is why we have this section, where we can purchase sheath for our knife. All we need to do is check the compability. However, when making a selection, we can face another questions as well. 

What is knife or multitool sheath ? 

No matter how ridiculous this question may sound, we would be surprised how many people do not know this product. It is basically the holster in which we carry our knife. Such holster can be attached to our belt, tactical vest or even leg platform for example. It is made of various materials that provides features for use in specific situations. There are different closure options of how the knife is secured inside. This is a rather general answer so let´s be little more specific. 

Belt or MOLLE 

As we have already mentioned, we can carry the sheath in various ways, to which it must of course be adapted. The standard sheaths for hunting knives use belt loops for attachment. Such positioning is natural and we can intuitively reach for the knife. But what if we have bulletproof vest, weapon and magazines on the other side ? In such cases, we appreciate tactical holsters, that definitely not come with every knife. These tactical holsters allow attachment to tactical vest or leg platform. This is usually done by modular system or special velcro straps. There is one activity, however, where the placing of the knife is very difficult and that is diving. In this case we use special leg or arm platforms for attachment. Either way, losing of the knife is highly unpleasant thing so how do we secure it ? 

Do not loose it 

The knife can be secured inside the holster in different ways. Stay away from the cheap holsters where the manufacturer will try to assure you that the knife will hold inside on its own. There is one exception with the holsters made of special material that copy the exact shape of the knife. When the knife is inserted into the sheath, it clicks, which indicates that the knife is secured. This type of holster is highly elegant and above all effective. However, more often we will see sheaths with hook and loop or snap closure. This option is more suitable when we carry our knife into the forest, etc. A similar purpose can be found in the materials from which the holsters are made.

Classic or something new 

The first holsters were certainly made of leather. It is a very popular material due to its appeareance and properties and can be still widely seen nowadays. This material just fits the knife perfectly. We can't live in the past only, so there are holsters made from synthetic materials, for example from Kydex® or other plastics. Especially Kydex® is highly popular. These materials are resistant to water and other elements. They are therefore great for diving, fishing and tactical purposes. The leather would not handle these conditions for long time. 

We know how to 

With these informations we can start choosing our holster. Just make sure it is compatible with your knife. Think about the use as well - whether we will be using it in the water and the type of the closure. The rest is easy. 

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