Suspension T-Strap AMAZONAS® hammock

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Warranty period: 2 years

If you're looking for very light fastening straps for hanging a hammock, then you're definitely right here.

These lightweight and high-quality straps will serve you well for hanging your hammock.You will also be surprised by easy installation and adjustable option. In moments, the hammock can be easily and simply hung in the right position.

Of course, the T-strap material is also weatherproof. Thanks to the metal buckle, we have the ability to set the desired length of straps from fifteen to two hundred and twenty centimeters.

Material aluminium,steel, weatherproof polyester silk 
Length about 15 cm - 220 cm (2x)
25 mm
tree-friendly tape
Weight approx. 400 g
Loading capacity
max 200 kg per 1 T-strap
max 400 kg per network
Shipment Component 2 piece T-strap with pins
Manufacturer Amazonas® Germany
Color Black
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Important parameters

Load bearing capacity
175 kg


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