MFH® Commando handheld wire saw

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Have you ever forgotten to buy a Christmas tree again, or gone on a survival course with a little backpack space?In both cases, you'll appreciate a handheld wire saw MFH® Commando, which pleases you with small size and excellent cutting capacity.

Wood, plastic or bones?No problem

You may wonder how this inconspicuous piece of wire can cut anything at all?The secret lies in the materials used and honest manufacturing.The entire saw is made of high-quality steel resistant to tensile and honed so that each millimeter provides maximum cutting capacity.A certain grip is obtained by two meshes which are held at the ends of the wire in a rotating structure allowing easier handling.Thanks to compact dimensions and low weight you will simply hide the saw in your pants pocket.

When quality matters to you

When it comes to the worst, it's the equipment that can save your neck, possibly improve your quality of life on your adventures.A similar idea was started by the German company Max Fuchs, which has been active in the army and outdoor equipment market for nearly 40 years.Brand also include MFH®, which supplies the market with the best price/performance ratio.It is, in particular, German precision and a sense of detail that has guaranteed the company's status and popularity with users worldwide.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • made of high-quality steel
  • high cutting capacity;
  • can be applied to multiple types of material;
  • fitted with two meshes for firm grip
  • compact dimensions for easy wear
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Buy MFH® Commando handheld wire saw for €  6.1

Important parameters

15 g
Stainless steel
Dimensions in detail
Cutting section length: 50 cm
Total length: 66 cm


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