Mil-Tec® Manual Chainsaw

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They say if you cut the wood yourself for the winter, it will warm you twice.When using a Mil-Tec hand chainsaw® this saying goes double.Working with this saw requires a little practice and patience, but once you've learned it, you'll understand what a great tool you've got in your hand right now.The combination of high cutting power and storage has created a product that is especially appreciated by soldiers and adventurers on their stays in nature.

Is the power saw not starting?No problem

You may wonder how this inconspicuous piece of chain can possibly cut anything?The secret lies in the materials used and honest manufacturing.The entire saw is made of high-quality, tensile-resistant steel and specially cut parts.Certain grip is achieved using nylon straps held at the ends of the chain, which are fitted with meshes.Thanks to the compact dimensions and low weight you will hide this saw simply in your pocket of your pants.

A company that listens to its customers

,,Whoever wants to control the future should consider the past.That's the only way to learn how to market something new and better."
This slogan is being coined by Sturm Handels, from a mother´s company of Mil-Tec®.They have come a long way since their start.With each new product they launches, their quality increases and the brand gains more interest and popularity with customers.The portfolio includes a wide range of products from clothing to backpacks, to work tools.Products are characterized by care and processing, with a focus on detail and functionality.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • made of high-quality steel
  • high cutting capacity
  • can be applied to multiple types of material.
  • nylon mesh for fixed grip
  • compact dimensions for easy wear
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