Tactical jacket may be for everyone

2/16/2023 | Hints and tips | Rojek Lukáš | Reading time: 4 minutes
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During year-round bad weather, our attention requires the right choice of clothing that guarantees comfortable and, above all, trouble-free functioning throughout the day. Unfortunately, not every day is bright and sunny. If we could wear just a t-shirt (or tactical t-shirt), we would have less troubles. Our climate unfortunately does not allow that. That is why we need to focus more on warmer and often even waterproof clothing, which (ass we all know) has its specifics. And it is not otherwise in the case of tactical jackets that are ideal for use in our climate. 

What ? Tactical jacket ?

The name - tactical jacket, may be little surprising for some of us. So let´s introduce it first a little. Well, tactical jacket is pretty much jacket like every other jacket, only predetermined for tactical use. It is suitable for example for moving around military base, bodyguard service, tactical mission, but also city walks. This is allowed by its design as well as number of features. Practically it is standard, either insulated or waterproof jacket (or even mix of both). But what makes it tactical ?

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There is big difference 

You can notice the difference between standard jacket and tactical jacket at first sight. More pockets, special cut and other features which we don´t even know what are for. Let´s see, what is associated with tactical use? During this activity we will be using equipment such as flashlight, knife, but also fire-arm with extra magazines. This equipment is usually attached to a tactical belt, which could be more problematic by wearing standard jacket. That is why tactical jacket must feature two-way (double) zippers. This advantage allows quick access to equipment without need of unzipping of the entire jacket. This is similar with side zipper as well. They open from bottom to top (usually around 25 cm) and allows for quick access to your weapon (quick draw). At the same time (once again for better access) the jacket should not be too long. We also carry different patches, notebooks, writin utensils, etc. so where do we put them ? Tactical jackets feature bicep pockets for storing of such items which are easily accessible even when wearing gloves. These pockets also have velcro for attaching of various ID´s for example. Last but not least, we must not forget adjustable hood as well as waist and cuffs. The hood should be large enough to fit underneath even with a helmet. And what about material ?

Why not 

The fabric is also highly important. The most widely used will be Softshell, which seems to be the most reasonable material. It is affordable, reliable and provides reasonable water resistant properties along with breathability. To make this jacket even better, it should also feature ventilation system under the arms. The inner lining is often covered with micro-fleece or other warming material. We don´t have to worry about being too warm or cold. It is all about proper layering, which is the basis.

You just have to have this  

Look for the jacket with durable two-way zippers. The jacket should also have glued seams which provides sealing. Another advantage is collar-stowable adjustable hood, which protects you against elements of weather. We offer wide selection of jackets with all of these features. They are great for EDC carry, tactical use, but even for temporary trips. Such jacket is highly versatile, however, its design indicates tactical use and therefore may reveal who we are and what we can carry...

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