Rescue knives

Rescue work is a hard work which is a matter of our lives and lives of people we can save. Rescue knife must be therefore from first-class stainless steel along with top-class construction.

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Rescue knives

Jacket, shoes, pants, rope, seat and up to action. To save lives and help others. What used to serve as a main aid of rescuers is now available even for us, ordinary people. Do you know what we are talking about ? Rescue knives. Such knives must be of high quality, have suitable features and above all well maintained. But do we know how to choose such a knife and mainly - according to what features ? The market is full of cheap products, among which there are only a few real gems that we can always rely on. Let's reveal how do we know it's them and what they should have.

The rescue is on the way 

Rescue knives do not have to serve only men and women of the same name who every day risk their lives for others. We can also use them. They will be perfect in our vehicle or pocket, waiting for their use. Just as with other knives, there are two basic types. Folding knives and fixed blade knives. They complement each other perfectly, yet we can not usually afford to carry both of them. When a moment of truth comes and we have to decide, it will be very difficult to do so. Let´s make it little easier. 

Fixed blade or folding ? 

As we know, the knives with a fixed blade are built more for harsh work, such as chopping trees, rescue work and so on. That is their biggest advantage. They will easily handle tough work. The blade is virtually the entire length of the knife, only with handles at the back to hold the knife better (full-tang design). This design allows for small hammer on the knife tail as well as for glass breaker. However, the length and size of the knife remain a big disadvantage. We have a blades long even 17 cm and such knife is not easy to store. In this case the folding knives are better. They are not as durable, however, that is compensated with compact dimensions but mainly by versatility. In addition to fine blade, the folding knife can have other features that we will certainly use (glass breaker, scissors, serrated blade, saw, etc.). You never know when you will need saw, some kind of opener or scisssors. Folding knife offers variability and fixed blade better durability and easier cleaning. What´s next ?

Never forget ! 

We need to remember, that rescue knife must always have combo edge. The standard blade is also suitable, but insufficient for the purposes and needs of rescuers. Therefore the blade must have either combo edge or at least serrated edge. In this case, the folding knives are once again better as they can have both blades, straight and serrated. The serrated edge is much better for belts, ropes, etc. This is critical for example in case of car accident. Another important feature is seat belt cutter, which is represented by small but very sharp blade. This blade is always exposed and therefore must be covered so we do not get injured.

Which one then ?

It is mainly about personal preferences. Whether we want fixed blade knife or folding knife, which offers better variability but less durability. Do not forget the sheath, which should be convenient and easily accessible, otherwise the knife looses its functionality. We can also store it in our car or pocket, where it will be waiting for its use. When choosing a knife, beware of the blade material. It must always be stainless, hard and durable. Ideal and affordable materials are steel AUS8, AUS6 or 13Cr7MoV, which is highly durable stainless steel.

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