Peltor® E-A-R Soft Earplugs

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Warranty period: 2 years

Safe and effective protection for your hearing

Peltor E-A-R Soft cylindrical earplugs with a rounded front end perfectly adapt to every individual thanks to the soft polymer foam material. After insertion, they multiply their volume and maximally copy the shape of the inside of the ear, creating even and minimal pressure on the wall of the ear canal, so they are completely safe and at the same time provide maximum sealing while maintaining full comfort.

Number one for your concentration

The degree of concentration is absolutely essential for the future result of any activity. And concentrating in a noisy environment without high-quality hearing protection is not only impossible in the long term, but also dangerous. Not only shooters, students, but also workers moving for a long time in an environment where the noise level is constantly increased, or where there is an impact sound with high pressure, should use high-quality hearing protection devices, reliably protect their health and ensure high-quality concentration of their minds , which the E-A-R Soft Peltor earplugs simply fulfill, uncompromisingly stop any noise.

Comfort even in long-term use

Peltor E-A-R Soft earplugs are made of soft polymer foam, so they are extremely comfortable to wear. Which also meets the requirements for wearing them for most of the day. Thanks to the fact that they are disposable and perfectly hygienic, you always know what to put in your ear.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • maximum gentle and safe
  • thanks to their technology, they provide a perfect seal
  • soft polymer foam ensures comfortable wear
  • will ensure 100% concentration
  • single use meets hygiene requirements
  • simple use
  • color neon green
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E-A-R Soft Peltor® earplugs - tips for proper use

Important parameters

2 g
Material in detail
Soft polymer foam
Other specifications
One time use
Protection level (SNR): 36 dB
E-A-R fit system compatible
Moisture resistant
Parts of delivery
Supplied in pairs


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