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The SOG Kukri is a machete suitable for a wide range of users from the ranks of outdoor lovers and campers as well as survivalists. Kukri has been a traditional weapon for 150 years and also a symbol of the Nepalese Gurkhas, the fighters of the British Empire. This is a tool with a single-edged curved blade with a blade on the inside, extending towards the tip. The machetes of the SOGFari series are designed with an emphasis on the correct weight as well as the correct location of the centre of gravity and, last but not least, with a focus on the right material of the handle - all for comfort and prolonged use. Machetes in general are the most versatile cutting tools in the world, and you will use them to build an emergency shelter, prepare a place for a tent, prepare material for a fire, cleave your way through the foliage, and do a lot of other tasks.

Outstanding Materials, Outstanding Performance

The 305 mm long kukri shape blade is made of stainless steel 3Cr13. This unique blade performs three different functions – the tip is naturally used for accurate and easy penetration of materials, the central curved part is ideal for strong but clean cutting and the tapered part of the blade at the handle is used for cutting wood for kindling or carving. The back of the blade is also < ergonomic, carries a fine anti-slip texture, is provided with finger contouring on the underside and at the end expands downward. Just at the top end, we find an opening to thread a safety line for the wrist. The handle measures approximately 127 mm and is produced from strong and very good Kraton material. All the mentioned safety features, along with the excellent sharp material, simple handle guard and by selecting the blade to insert the index finger, bring a secure grip and safe machete work. This is supported by the design of the full tang, i.e. it is made of one piece of steel and the handle is made up of 2 handles mounted with screws or rivets. The full tang design ensures a long life span.

Reliably stored under your belt

The machete is supplied along with a practical nylon sheath. The sheath features a belt loop, so you can hang it on your pants belt. The sheath is fitted with a zip fastening secured with velcro on the side of the blade. The top is fitted with a fixation strap with a snap, to be fastened over the handle of the machete and its firm and reliable securing in place.


The blade bears the words SOG SOGFARI and the sheath also bears the words SOG and KUKRI.

Blade/Tool Material Steel 3Cr13
Handle material Kraton®
Cap material Nylon
Surface treatment of blade/tools Yes - unspecified
Blade length 30.5 cm
Length of the handle; 12.7 cm
Total Length 43.2 cm
Dimensions in detail Blade thickness: 0.25 cm
Weight 426 g
Shipment includes Machete

Benefits you need to know about:

  • kukri machete - special blade shape with 3 different functions
  • double teeth on the back of the blade
  • suitable for a wide range of tasks, for outdoor and camping or survival
  • kukri point blade of stainless steel hardness 44-50 HRC
  • straight edge
  • ergonomic handle from hardy Kraton®
  • fine anti-slip texture on handle
  • finger arches on the underside
  • downward expanding end
  • hole at the top to thread the safety line
  • tough full tang construction
  • simple aegis
  • choil
  • shipped with a nylon belt sheath
  • on the blade SOG SOGFARI sign
  • on the sheath SOG and KUKRI signs
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Important parameters

Blade length
35 cm
Handle length
12.5 cm
Total length
45 cm
450 g
Material of blade / tools
Steel 3Cr13
Surface finish of blade / tools
Ano - nespecifikovaná
Material of handle
Material of pouch


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