KA-BAR® 1249 Kukri Machete

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This machete has undergone terrain tests with excellent results, whether it is chopping or other use.Kukri has been traditional weapon and also a symbol of Nepalese gurkhhas (British empire fighters) for 150 years. 

Kukri blade with 20-degree edge angle widens towards the tip. This shifts the center of gravity forward, making it easier for work.

It is made of stainless steel 1085 of hardness 56-58 HRC.

The blade has a black coating eliminating unwanted reflections and preventing corrosion.

There is a KA-BAR logo on the blade.

Ergonomic handle made of high-quality and durable Kraton G® - sweat, water, chemicals, wear resistant material with anti-slip properties and grooving.

The end of the handle is extended downwards and securely prevents slipping of the machete from hand during work.

It comes with robust and durable Cordura® belt sheath. The sheath is secured by snap button fasteners.

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Machete KA-BAR® Kukri Machete

Important parameters

Blade length
29.2 cm
Handle length
14 cm
Total length
43.2 cm
771 g
Material of blade / tools
Steel 1085
Surface finish of blade / tools
Black unspecified
Material of handle
Material of pouch
Blade type
Single bevel
Kukri point
Material in detail
Main sheath material: Cordura® + leather on back side
Belt loop and fixing straps on sheath: leather
Dimensions in detail
Blade thickness: 4,2 mm
Edge angle: 20°
Other specifications
Edge: plain
Blade hardness: 56 HRC - 58 HRC
Safety cord hole
Downwards extended pommel
Parts of delivery
Belt sheath


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