Snugpak® Special Forces Bivvi Bag Xlong

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Product code: 01287-CERNA-LONG
EAN: 8211654160008
Warranty period: 2 years

The waterproof Special Forces Bivvi Bag from the well-known British company Snugpak (in this case in the extra long version) is one of the basic items of equipment not only for high-altitude tourism. It will help you minimize heat loss and protect you from moisture when sleeping outside.

Ideal for survival and bushcraft

The Snugpak Special Forces Bivvi Bag is an ideal piece of equipment for survival and bushcrafting activities. With a zipper on the front that takes up half the length of the bivy bag, you'll be able to easily get out in moments when every second counts. And in addition, thanks to the fact that the bivy bag is light and compact, you can pack it with you in your backpack and you will hardly recognize it by its weight.

For bivouacing in various environments

The name of this bag, Bivvi, comes from the French bivouac, which means something like "temporary camp". You can therefore easily use the SF Bivvi Bag for an emergency sleepover, in the summer months even on its own, or year-round in combination with a sleeping bag with the corresponding temperature limit. In case of an emergency, the bivy bag can help you get through a not-so-ideal night.

Sufficient moisture drainage

The patented Paratex Dry fabric, from which the Bivvi Bag is made, is breathable and easily transfers excess condensed moisture from the internal microclimate to the outside. Thanks to this, you will be able to stay warm, dry and comfortable all night long. Thanks to the bivy bag, you can be prepared for bad weather and at the same time you will have a protective cover for your sleeping bag, which will extend its life by washing it less often.

Maintain body temperature

The Snugpak Special Forces Bivvi Bag is an extra layer of protection that will help you maintain your body temperature at night and prevent hypothermia. You can use the Snugpak SF Bivvi Bag alone or in combination with four-season sleeping bags from other brands or with the Snugpak Adventure Race Sleeping System.

Final note: Although the Bivvi Bag is breathable, it does not allow enough air to pass through for breathing. Therefore, to prevent suffocation, never close yourself completely in the Bivvi Bag, but at least always leave your nose and mouth outside in the fresh air!

Benefits you need to know about:

  • bivy bag for an emergency sleepover in nature
  • for use alone (summer) or in combination with a sleeping bag (year-round)
  • for survival and bushcrafting activities
  • for bivouacing in various environments
  • zipper protected against jamming up to half the length of the jacket
  • light and compact
  • breathable: wicks away moisture from the body to the surface
  • made of Paratex Dry technical fabric
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