Carinthia® Micro Tent Plus Gore-Tex Bivy Bag
€  999.6
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Carinthia® Micro Tent Plus Gore-Tex Bivy Bag

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€ 999.6
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Warranty period: 2 years

The Micro Tent Plus is basically a small tent for one person that is designed for bivouacing. Despite its compact dimensions when packed, it offers comfort, durability and waterproofness. The olive green color ensures camouflage, which is more than important during your stay and movement in nature.

Comfortable sleep in all conditions

The bivy bag Mirco Tent Plus is made of material with a special Gore-Tex surface finish. Thanks to its properties, the bag is waterproof, along with the seams and zippers. The bag can be opened along its entire length for easier entry and exit. A big advantage is the built-in mosquito net with a separate zipper. Water, mosquitoes and other insects will not bother you while you sleep.

A bivy bag for everyone

A comfortable sleep in the wilderness is unimaginable for many. But with the Micro Tent Plus bivy bag from Carinthia, everyone will change their mind. When folded, the tent is compact and easy to attach to your gear.

Convenient operation and handling

Disassembly is fast and, thanks to the clear design, also simple. Five loops on the bottom side prevent the tent from moving freely in the field. Whichever conditions you find yourself in, with the Micro Tent Plus you will sleep safe, dry and without annoying insects.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • waterproof sleeping tent
  • tunnel shape
  • breathable material
  • integrated mosquito net
  • anchoring loop
  • high quality processing
  • compact dimensions when folded
  • quick and easy construction
  • full length opening
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Buy Carinthia® Micro Tent Plus Gore-Tex Bivy Bag for €  999.6

Important parameters

2.7 m
75 cm
1.8 kg
Material in detail
Three-layer Gore-Tex laminate
Outer layer: 100 % PA 6.6
Funtional layer: ePTFE membrane
Lining: 100 % PA 6.6
Dimensions in detail
Package size: 35 × 12 cm
Other specifications
Waterproofness: 10 000 mm


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