Riflecx® POCKET Handgun Cleaning Set

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Regardless of whether you are a hobby and sports shooter, a hunter, or a member of the armed forces, you have probably already learned that half of the success of shooting is a clean gun. Products from the Polish company Riflecx are among those that can guarantee the cleanliness of the weapon with proper and regular use. In this case, we offer you the whole set.

Pocket set

Riflecx's Pocket Gun Cleaning Kit will come in handy for the owner of short firearms regardless of their focus. Thanks to its compact packaging, you can take this set almost anywhere and clean your weapon directly in the field. Packaging in a practical and at the same time elegant box allows the shooter to buy the entire set as a gift.


The first of the three parts of the entire cleaning kit is Gun Cleaner, which cleans and degreases the gun, evaporates quickly and leaves no traces. It can even be used without a gun brush. The spray is filled under high pressure and is therefore effective.

Teflon spray

The second part of the Riflecx handgun cleaning kit is a Teflon spray that is used to prime the gun and effectively block rust. After cleaning, it is advisable to continue with the anti-corrosion protection of the weapon, which without effective protection could start to rust during storage. After applying Riflecx spray and evaporation of moisture, a thin Teflon anti-corrosion layer remains on the surface of the weapon.

Protective CLP oil

The last element of the kit is the protective CLP oil, which will significantly reduce the wear and tear on your short firearm. The oil prevents friction and offers protection against water and moisture, but also against acids and alkalis. It is used as a final layer after a cleaning agent and spray with Riflecx Teflon.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • pocket handgun cleaning kit
  • from a gun cleaning specialist
  • contains everything you need in a pocket-sized package
  • also for cleaning in the field
  • a suitable gift for shooters
  • contains Riflecx gun cleaner
  • contains Teflon spray
  • contains protective CLP oil
  • mutually compatible products
  • quick and easy to use
  • prevention, cleaning, protection
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