Riflecx® Gun cleaner 500 ml

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If you are looking for a solution to make cleaning your gun easier, then look no further. After all, Riflecx gun cleaner was designed to make gun cleaning a fun activity. And in addition, with its help you will also save time.

A great accessory for brushing

Do you use a brass or nylon brush to clean your gun? And how many have you already destroyed in your shooting career? Thanks to the application of Riflecx Gun Cleaner, you can clean and degrease your gun quickly and easily. Each cleaning will now take you less time than before and in addition, your cleaning brush will last for more cleanings.

Does not damage plastic or wooden elements

If your gun contains plastic and/or wood parts (and we're guessing it does), then with Riflecx cleaner you can be sure that it won't damage the metal parts of your gun. No more covering with masking tape (we still recommend trying it on a small piece). In addition, the preparation does not contain any chlorine solvents and is therefore suitable for any type of weapon.

It leaves a clean and dry surface

After the Riflecx gun cleaner the surface remains clean and dry, as the product evaporates quickly. Thanks to this, the surface of the gun is immediately ready for further maintenance, for example with gun fluid or oil. Even without using a gun brush, it removes, for example, carbon sediments, lead, copper, nickel, oil and grease.

Washes and degreases

In a single operating mode, Riflecx gun cleaner washes and degreases, while also boasting the highest pressure among comparable products available on the market. Precise application is ensured by the tube extention that is included in the package, and you can also turn the can into any position during use.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • effective gun cleaner
  • evaporates quickly
  • leaves no traces
  • washes and degreases at the same time
  • even without using a gun brush
  • does not damage plastic or wooden elements
  • the highest pressure among comparable products
  • tube extention for precise application
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Gun cleaner Riflecx® 500 ml

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