PENTAGON® Urban Tactical Anorak jacket

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Product code: K08017-51-S
EAN: 5207153113532
Warranty period: 2 years

Product line PENTAGON® A.D.(After Duty) series.

This series is designed for everyday use in urban environments and outdoor activities.

The Ultimate Urban Tacticlal Anorak (UTA) Pentagon tactical jacket is primarily designed for tactical use, but can also be used for everyday wear as an outdoor jacket.

The UTA Pentagon jacket is made of hardy Taslon nylon, which itself lends the jacket water resistance and breathability. These protective properties are exacerbated by Storm-Tex® coating – the laminated outer membrane shows water resistance of 8,000 mm (water column) and a breathability of 3,000 g/m2 / 24 h.

The inner layer of the UTA Pentagon jacket is made of super fine fleece fabric Thermolite, which is extremely light and keeps warm even at low temperatures, and in this respect surpasses even some cool weather jackets available on the market.

The UTA jacket The Pentagon has two-way zippers on both sides for quick deployment/removal or for quick and easy opening and creating ventilation openings.

In addition, on both sides, the jacket is fitted with a Prym® patent, ensuring rapid access to the weapon in combination with a two-way zip.

The UTA jacket is worn over the head and has a zipper clasp at the middle of the neck extending to roughly 1/3 height (above the chest pocket).

Anorak has 5 practical pockets – 1 large chest pocket "kangaroo" with top entry zipped with covered lapel zipped, 2 side-linked hand pockets with open oblique entrance and 2 sleeve pockets with vertical entry zipped.Some pockets have netting inside.

The sleeve pockets have velcro panels about 13 cm x 8 cm in size to affix ID of label, flag, rank, nameplate and the like.

Anorak has a high stand collar protecting the top of the neck from inclement weather.

The UTA Pentagon jacket has a solid waterproof hood with a retractable elastic cord with brakes.

The sleeve cuffs are adjustable, zipped to Velcro.There's a Pentagon logo on the adjustment tapes.


Storm-Tex is a light and firm fabric that simulates human skin and protects the user from external influences.

Storm-Tex is a watertight technology that keeps wearers dry, thanks to porous and tightly woven fabric that is also highly breathable.

Pot, formed by normal walking or even extreme movement such as walking, running or mountaineering, always finds its way out onto the surface of the material and does not remain "captive" under the garment or inside the material.Storm-Tex thus effectively prevents the formation of moisture on the inside of the garment, which is the main cause of feeling cold or cold as well as frostbite.The outer part of the material is designed to keep cold air and water out to a height of up to 8 000 mm in the water column.

The Pentagon Storm-Tex logo ensures that clothing reliably keeps you dry, whether it's moisture on the outside or on the inside.

Material: outer – 100% nylon Taslon outer membrane Storm-Tex®, inner – fleece Thermolite.

Dimensions of velcro panels on sleeves: 13 cm x 8 cm.

Water resistance: water column 8,000 mm.

Prolongability: 3,000 g / m2 / 24 h.

Patentky: Prym®

Benefits you need to know about:

  • - tactical and outdoorsy jacket
  • - water resistant and breathable
  • - membrane Storm-Tex®
  • - inner super fine fleece Thermolite
  • - two-way side zippers
  • - zip at the neck
  • - 1 large chest pocket "kangaroo" with top zipped entrance covered with velcro-zipped lapel
  • - 2 lateral connected hand pockets with open slant entry
  • - 2 sleeve pockets with a vertical zipped entry
  • - netting inside some pockets
  • - velcro panels on sleeves
  • - high stand collar
  • - firm skinning hoods
  • - adjustable sleeve cuffs
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