Tilak Military Gear® Raptor Gore-Tex® Jacket Expander
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Tilak Military Gear® Raptor Gore-Tex® Jacket Expander

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Product code: 0900200530-L
Warranty period: 2 years

Looking for a way to comfortably wear a ballistic or tactical vest under the Tilak Military Gear® Raptor Gore-Tex® Jacket? The expander is the ideal solution!

You can also wear the vest under a jacket!

Tilak Military Gear® Expander for the Raptor Gore-Tex® jacket is intended for all owners of the Raptor military jacket. As this is a jacket that is designed specifically for military and law enforcement personnel, you will likely find yourself wearing the jacket in combination with a ballistic or tactical vest.

A functional solution

But the problem can come in a situation where you want to wear a vest under a jacket. In this case, it may happen that you cannot get into the jacket or it will be very tight, and this is where the expander comes into play. Thanks to the expander, you simply expand the width of the jacket, so you can comfortably fit into the jacket even if you are wearing a fully loaded vest.

Quality workmanship

The expander is made of three-layer Gore-Tex, so all the qualities of the jacket remain unchanged. You simply attach the expander to the jacket using a zipper that snaps into the main zipper on the jacket. Thanks to the expander, it is not a problem to button the jacket even if you are wearing a bulky ballistic or tactical vest.

Smart design

All users will definitely appreciate the well-thought-out design, which makes it easy and quick to get to your magazines and pouches without having to unzip the entire jacket. You can unzip the expander to any height, so you simply create space for handling the equipment you have stored in the vest.

Tuned to perfection

You can secure the excess piece of material that remains after partially opening the expander using high-quality snap fasteners on the bottom and top of the expander. The ideal solution for everyone who wants to use the maximum potential of the Raptor military jacket!

Benefits you need to know about:

  • quality design
  • securing snap fasteners
  • quick assembly
  • quality zipper
  • three-layer Gore-Tex®
  • inner suede
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Buy Tilak Military Gear® Raptor Gore-Tex® Jacket Expander from €  71.6

Important parameters

Material in detail
Gore-Tex® three layer laminate


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