MFH® US GI Bush Rip Stop Hat

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Product code: 10713A-M
EAN: 4044633022547
Warranty period: 2 years

In a military setting, a hat is not only a piece of clothing, but a tactical accessory.Compared to a cap, it gives an advantage in camouflage, when it can break the silhouette of your upper body.Another advantage is the wide brim, which provides better protection against the sun and also protects you better from low cover.All these features precede the MFH® US GI Bush Hat Rip Stop for use in challenging conditions by people who like to rely on the best.

Old hands wear hats

The benefits of the hat no longer need to be mentioned, but when the hat and the work of the developers from MFH®, they create a product that lasts with you.Its resistance is mainly due to use of a good ripstop material, which when ruptured prevents further tearing and hole expansion.The sides are fitted with ventilation holes, allowing air circulation and keeping comfortable microclimate even in summer.When running you will appreciate adjustable cord, which prevents falling or losing.A popular and verified hat design will get you the envious looks of your colleagues.

When quality matters to you

When it comes to the worst, it's the equipment that can save your neck, possibly improve your quality of life on your adventures.A similar idea was started by the German company Max Fuchs, which has been active in the army and outdoor equipment market for nearly 40 years. Brand also include MFH®, which supplies the market with the best price/performance ratio.In particular, it is German precision and a sense of detail that has guaranteed the company the status and popularity of users around the world.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • timeless design
  • durable material with ripstop mesh 
  • adjustable cord
  • ventilation holes 
  • tape for mosquito net or other masking 
  • wide stiffened brim 
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