Combat Systems® Boonie Recce Hat

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Product code: CS-BO-RECCE-VZ95-L
Warranty period: 2 years

Combat Systems produced its first hat approximately three decades ago. Of course, a lot has changed since then, but the quality has remained. The manufacturer proudly says that it has produced several thousand hats in various modifications and customizations, with the Recce Bonnie model being one of the latest results of its efforts.

Developed based on feedback

Combat Systems developed the Recce Bonnie hat based on customer feedback. When creating the hat, the company focused on exactly those functions and elements that can be used directly in real action and at the same time do not complicate the construction.

For snipers and explorers

This hat was developed for snipers from the ranks of members of the armed forces, but also for members of recon units. But it will also be used by outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a practical head covering that will protect them from the harsh sun and partly serve as protection from the wind.

Practical cut

The Combat Systems Recce Bonnie Hat has a practical fit with a narrow brim and low top, ensuring a perfect field of vision in a variety of situations. A strip of mesh around the perimeter helps reduce head sweating and provides excellent ventilation.

Camouflage options

Since this hat is a tactical accessory, camouflage options are also available, which include both a grid of parachute cord (paracord) in the upper part of the hat and a perimeter strip with eyelets. In addition, the hat also camouflages well in the infrared (IR) spectrum. And it meets Mil-Spec military specifications.

For easy identification

Sometimes, on the other hand, it is necessary to be easily and quickly identified. This function is taken care of by the front panel made of velcro, to which an identification tag can be attached, and also two panels with velcro in the back of the hat, which are used to place distinctive signs (IR, or reflective squares, or so-called cat eyes).

Four different sizes

You can adjust the hat in four different sizes to the circumference of your head. In addition, it was made in the Czech Republic, which speaks even more about its quality. The company Combat Systems produces it specifically in its workshop in Mělník

Benefits you need to know about:

  • tactical hat
  • meets Mil-Spec military specifications
  • made based on customer feedback
  • for snipers or explorers, but also for outdoor enthusiasts
  • protection from strong sun and wind
  • great camouflage - the possibility of further expanding the camouflage with elements from nature
  • it also camouflage in the IR spectrum
  • front panel + 2 back panels for ID tags
  • four sizes (possibility of adjusting the circumference of the head)
  • made in Czech Republic
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Important parameters

Material in detail
Materials Mil Spec
Other specifications
Low hat with thin brim
Mesh strap at the top around the crown
Camouflage options - grid from parachute cord at the top of the hat or a circumferential stripe with threading
1 velcro in front and 2 velcro in back
IR camouflage
Made in Czech republic


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