Magnesium Fire Starter PROFESIONAL Mil-Tec®

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The possibility of having and keeping a fire is rightly considered a milestone in human development.In modern times, fire is taken for granted, but even today, you can find yourself in situations where you depend only on primitive tools.One of them may be a magnesium fire starter PROFESIONAL Mil-Tec®, with which, using a little skill , you light a fire in any situation.

Become the master of fire

On what principle does it work? Magnesium is highly flammable soft metal.These characteristics make it ideal for making flint.Magnesium fire strater PROFESIONAL Mil-Tec® combines small size and long endurance.Using a metal toothed throttle, large sparks can be created , capable of igniting dry tinder or birch bark.In extreme weather, you can maximize the effect by scribbling magnesium on tiny sawdust that, when ignited, provides high heat to 2500 degrees Celsius.The accelerant is suitable especially for soldiers and adventurers moving in adverse conditions for which the possibility of lighting a fire is a necessity.

A company that listens to its customers

,,Whoever wants to control the future should consider the past.That's the only way to learn how to market something new and better."
This slogan is being coined by Sturm Handels, from a mother´s company of Mil-Tec®.They have come a long way since their start.With each new product they launch, their quality increases and the brand gains more interest and popularity with customers.The portfolio includes a wide range of products from clothing to backpacks, to work tools.Products are characterised by care and processing, with a focus on detail and functionality.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • highly flammable magnesium
  • making fire even in wet conditions 
  • weatherproof
  • 2 uses to make fire
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