Scout MK II Firestarter Box Helikon-Tex®

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Product code: KR-SMK-FC-15
EAN: 5908218700017
Warranty period: 2 years

To start a fire without lighters or matches can be quite a problem - especially if you find yourself away from civilization. Fortunately, there is a box Scout MK II Firestarter Helikon-Tex, which hides everything you will need to start a fire. Specifically, you can find inside the box striker, two fuel tablets and cotton wool. You do not have to worry about starting a fire after a day spent in a cold or misty weather.

Use is very simple, even smaller scraper movement should generate a sufficient number of sparks to ignite the fire. Since it is a product designed for travel, its commonplace is the low weight - it is only 89 grams.

Benefits you need to know about : 

  • firestarter set without need of matches or lighter 
  • moisture and frost resistant 
  • simple use 
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Buy Scout MK II Firestarter Box Helikon-Tex® for €  10.6

Important parameters

89 g
Material in detail
Case: steel
Striking rod: ferrocerium
Dimensions in detail
2,7 cm x 9,3 cm x 6,2 cm
Other specifications
Product line Helikon-Tex® Bushcraft Line
Parts of delivery
Flint with striking metal
2 fuel blocks
cotton wool


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