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9/21/2022 | Fun & free time | Pavel Kreuziger | Reading time: 7 minutes
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Do you want to put on some muscles ? Then we have good news for you: you do not need hit the gym, you can do it outdoors. You will be enjoying fresh air as well as you won´t need any special equipment. 


Forest can be great when you are trying to put on some muscles

You do not need to lift weights to burn energy and to be in good shape. Even regular walks with your dog or househould duties will help you with that. However, if you want to do bit more specific exercising, visit your nearest outdoor place or forest. Just instead of using weights you would be simply using something, what the nature can offer. 

Take a deep breath 

Start with deep breathing. Breathe the fresh air and you will see instant improvement of your mood. Breathe in through the nose and breathe out with your mouth and imagine how your lungs are filled with air. The proper breathing starts in midsection and needs to be trained. You wouldn´t believe how many people could not breathe properly. Take about 20 deep breaths and move on. 

Try walking/hiking 

One of the simplest ways of exercising is walking or hiking. Even short outdoor walks can help you to forget about all your worries. Try to take a break from time to time and just enjoy the nature. You can of course take walks even between exercising. The pace is pretty much up to you, but it shouldn´t be too slow. 

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 Try to do some walking as a part of your exercising. 

Log squats 

First of all, we need to find appropriate piece of wood/log which should not be a problem in the forest. And please try to avoid cutting off some healthy trees. Try to find the log that corresponds with your abilities. Ideally it should be roller shape for the right balance.

The steps are following – take the log to your hands and hold it as high as possible. Do a squat, knees are bent to 90-degree angle and make sure your torso is straight to not put unnecessary pressure on your spine and muscles, that should not be involved. Do 3 sets of 8 reps with one minute break after each set. 

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Overhead press 

Overhead press can be done using weights or large piece of wood, log, etc. Not only it does look effective, it is actually effective, when done correctly. You can use the same log you´ve been using for your squats. Considering the fact, that log is wider than barbell, another muscles will be also involved.

Of course also with the overhead press you need to follow rules just as you would for another exercises. Stand with your body upright, legs shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Breath in and breath out properly. Do again 3 sets of 8 reps with one minute break after each set. 

Stone put 

In a gym you could use medicine ball for this exercise. In nature, the medicine ball can be replaced with some boulder for example. This exercise is good for strengthening of the entire body. Chest, back, shoulders, legs ,arms as well as core muscles are involved. Moreover, this exercise can be quite funn. 

When lifting the weight (boulder) choose again one, that corresponds with your abilities. Follow the rules again, meaning mainly keeping your torso straight with your knees slightly bent. Then with the right position try to throw your boulder as far as you can. 

Walking Lunges 

Lunges are great for strengthening lower body muscles. This movement may look bit comical, but there will be someone hardly looking out in the nature. Step forward with one of your legs, bending both of your knees at the same time. You should continue bending your knees until your back knee is almost touching the floor. Stand up fully and come back up with both your knees extended. Continue by taking your back leg and stepping forward, continuing the same movement on the opposite side. This exercise will work on your glutes, quads,hamstrings as well as calves.

And if you are holding over your head the piece of wood/log from the previous exercices, the upper body muscles will also be involved. Always remember to keep your torso straight. We are sure that you want to do it correctly.

Lumberjack press 

This exercise can not be found in any official work-out handbook. Lumberjack press is a great exercise for your shoulders. Take your log and hold it on your shoulder. Start with the right shoulder, your hands in the middle of the log (bar) where the left one is in the front. Lift the log up over your head and then lower it back down on your left shoulder. This is one repetition. Do 2 sets of 5 reps. 

Wood chopping 

This activity has at least two benefits – you are not only exercising but also doing something practical. In fact, when we think abou it, working out in the gym is not that necessary...When chopping the wood, you won´t be cold and at the same time you strengthen your arms, back and core. It is a great cardio too so you really are doing more things at once. 

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 Wood chopping can be beneficial for more reasons. 

Change the position of your hands when chopping the wood so muscles on both arms works the same. More calories can be burn during following wood piling. 

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