LineDriver GERBER® Fisherman Multi-tool

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The Gerber Linedriver multi-tool is one of the most useful things you can take on a fishing trip. Thanks to its compact size, it fits in your pocket, or you can simply hang it by your belt. This tool is every fisherman's dream, because it makes it easier to work with the line, knots, tying hooks and baits, so that you have more time for fishing itself. Linedriver should not be missing in the equipment of a fisherman who wants to simplify and refine the work with the line as much as possible.

Many functions in a small body

LineDriver aims to be effective as an all-in-one tool. This compact double-ended tool has six basic functions, each of which intuitively guides you to complete the process of tying hooks or further line manipulation. The tool has exactly as many features as you need, no redundancy.

Tying the line

On one side of the LineDriver you will find a rotating end piece, which is a great helper when tying knots and attaching hooks. You clamp a hook or bait in it and rotate it around own axis. You don't have to hold the hook between your fingers, so tying is a matter of moments. Another useful feature is the eyelet cleaning spike, which removes the debris of the old line and prepares you to tie a new one.

Cutting and threading

On the opposite side of the tool you will find two knives that you can simply "unlock" and create handy scissors. You can then use them, for example, to cut and crimp lines. If you lock the blades again with a sliding lock, the LineDriver can be hung on a belt thanks to the integrated pocket clip and its open jaws can be used for easy cutting. Their finely serrated blade can handle even a strong line. At the end of the LineDriver tool there is a hook threader, a tool with which you can easily thread the line into the eye. Thanks to this, you will significantly shorten the time of changing the hooks and extend the time of active fishing.

Benefits you need to know about :

  • compact size 
  • safe handling 
  • pocket clip 
  • corrosion resistant 
  • eylet clearing spike 
  • crimper 
  • hook threader 
  • dual serrated scissors 
  • Slide lock 
  • tether ring 
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Introduction - GERBER® LineDriver multifunctional fishing tool

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