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Gerber Neat Freak fisherman scissors are a valuable tool that stands out from other products available on the market. Thanks to the full tang construction, the scissors are extremely durable and very difficult to destroy. In addition, they are designed to fit perfectly in the hand. They really are neat and elegant and so are they cuts. The development of the Neat Freak scissors is an effort to create a product that will make it easier for fisherman to work with the line and split ends on a daily basis and provide them with a clean cut every time they use it.

Durable and reliable construction

The body of the scissors is made of steel and thanks to the full tang construction, it is almost impossible to break the scissors. The blades are micro serrated and thanks to this, each cut is straight and clean without unnecessary fraying. The blunt tip of the scissors prevents accidental injury and bending of the jaws in the event of a fall.

Comfortable grip and excellent tool control

The construction of the scissors is designed so that the operation and handling is easy and efficient. To work well with the scissors in wet or in gloves, Gerber has come up with the BearHand Control system, which combines a full tang construction (one piece of steel that goes into the entire handle), a pad/ support surface for the index finger, providing greater holding safety and the Precision Paddle, a support surface at the end of the handle that makes it easier to handle the scissors when cutting and helps to increase the pressure when using a crimping tool.


In addition to the basic function of the scissors, these from Gerber are equipped with a bottle opener, a hole for attaching a cord and a crimping tool for crimping connectors.

It won't clean itself

For the best possible performance and long life of the scissors, we recommend cleaning them by rinsing with water and then thorough drying with a clean towel. Good maintenance also consists in the regular application of oil on the steel parts, especially at the point of connection of both blades.

Benefits you need to know about :

  • durable fisherman scissors 
  • improved 
  • micro serrated blades 
  • blunt tips 
  • BearHand Control™
  • full tang construction 
  • forefinger pad/support 
  • Precision Paddle™
  • bottle opener, lanyard hole, crimping tool 
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