Diamond Stone Extra-Fine 1200 grit Sharpal®

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With this fine grindstone Diamond Stone Extra-Fine 1200 grit by Sharpal, you will be ready to fine-tune the blade to a professional level.

Perfect for a fine blade

Because the tool is not larger than a credit card, you can carry it in wallet, pockets, bag or backpack. This finest Sharpal grindstone with a granularity of 9 microns (1,200 grit) is used for fine tuning and edge enhancement after roughening. You can use it for a variety of knives, axes, small sharp and pointed tools including carbide drills, items of steel, titanium, ceramics and most super hard materials. A great advantage of this type is to sharpen dry, without using water or oil. A patented finger holder on the back provides firm hold and protects the hands from injury. Under the bracket you will find a polished surface that can be used as a signal mirror for emergencies.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • fine-grain diamond beetroot 1,200 grit (9 microns)
  • monocrystalline diamond grinding surface
  • perfect for a soft, finishing brush
  • suitable for knives, axes, fishing hooks and tool tips
  • dry grinding without water or oil
  • signal mirror on the back
  • small credit card weight and compact dimensions
  • hole for easy and safe holding
  • dimensions (d x h): 8.3 cm x 5.4 cm x 0.4 cm
  • storage case
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Představení - Brousek Diamond Stone Extra-Fine 1200 Grit Sharpal®

Important parameters

60 g
Diamond (grinding surface)


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