Diamond Stone Coarse 325 grit Sharpal®

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Take a Diamond Stone Coarse 325 Grit by Sharpal and throw it at each blunt blade or edge in your outdoor outfit, kitchen, landscaping or couture kit. Thanks to its compact size you can carry it with you at all times. Gross granularity is designed for initial blunt or damaged blade modification.

Perfect for very blunt edges

This assistant, which is not larger than a credit card, can still be carried in wallet, pockets, bag or backpack. Its coarser grain size 325 grit (45 microns) is ideal for initial adjustment of damaged or neglected edges. You then fine-tune them with a finer grain sharpener. It's suitable for all knives, machetes, axes, small sharp and pointed tools including carbide drills, items of steel, titanium, ceramics and most super hard materials. The great advantage with this type is dry sharpening, without the need to use water or oil. A patterned finger grip on the back ensures firm holding and protection of the hand from injury. At the bottom is a polished surface, which you can use as a signal mirror in emergency situations.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • grit with coarser grain size 325 (45 microns)
  • monocrystalline diamond grinding surface
  • ideal for priming blunt blades and edges
  • suitable for knives, axes, fishing hooks, spikes and drills
  • dry grinding without water or oil
  • signal mirror on the back
  • compact credit card dimensions
  • hole for easy and safe holding
  • dimensions of the whole tool (d x h): 8.3 cm x 5.4 cm x 0.4 cm
  • storage case
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Představení - Brousek Diamond Stone Coarse 325 Grit Sharpal®

Important parameters

60 g
Diamond (grinding surface)


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