Compass multifunctional Mil-Tec®

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The multifunctional compass Mil-Tec® helps to study the user's terrain and surroundings from a completely different dimension.A compass is appreciated by any cruiser, survivalist, even a member of the armed forces or airman.Thanks to many features of the compass, users can discover crucial information that would otherwise have escaped them.

10 functions overall

The compass contains immediately several measuring functions.We can use it for slope, temperature and humidity measurements.The compass also incorporates a optical viewfinder, magnifying glass and ruler for ease of drawing and calculation, as well as for easier orientation of the user on the map.In terms of survival functions, the compass has a integrated whistle to signal the owner's location when needed.We can also use a compass to help lighter build a fire and use LED light .

Overall, this multi-function compass offers plenty options use in different situations.This is a small subject, but with a high number of benefits.Know your terrain and get all its tactical advantages.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • a lot of practical functions - thermometer, ruler, moisture meter, viewfinder, whistle, whetstone , magnifying glass
  • lanyard for hanging 
  • doesn't take up much space
  • easy to use
  • LED lighting
  • weight : 60 g
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