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Do not lose direction

Map compass – MFH® will help you not lose direction.In case you're going into the outdoors and don't want to rely on modern instruments for navigation only, which are limited in endurance, you should definitely pack an immortal classic in the form of a compass. It never comes out and provides everything needed for field orientation.

Easy to navigate and easy to handle

Thanks to the 360° scale and compass, it can refocused further in the field. Body is made from resistant plastic.The compass is filled with fluid that slows down the movement of the needle, making direction determination much faster.

Simplifying the Map

The plastic plate is completed with a classic ruler in millimeters and centimeters.A ruler at a scale occupies the next side of the compass, making it easy to recalculate the distance on the map without a complex recount. Scales are 1 : 25,000 and  1 : 50,000. In addition to rulers and scales, compass is also improved by magnifying glass, which makes it easier to read less clear and damaged maps.
It is accompanied by a nylon string, which allows you to wear it on the neck or attach it to equipment.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • compass and magnifier 
  • ruler in cm and mm
  • scale reader : 1 : 25,000 and  1 : 50,000
  • lanyard 
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