Carbon Scraper™ for AR15 Real Avid®

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Clean weapon = reliable weapon

The AR15 carbon SCRAPER™ will help you remove impurities that could have a negative effect on your weapon's shooting properties. Perhaps such a contaminated clip-on (BCG) is the most common cause of AR15 rifle malfunctions. A practical cleaner offers you several tools that you can use to maintain and clean your weapon.

Burnt Carbon

The tool is primarily designed to remove burnt carbon from internal parts of your AR15. It is easy to remove impurities from the bolts and other components of the rifle. The cleaner has scrapers of various shapes for thorough cleaning of 12 most important components from carbon residue. In addition to the cleaning itself, the tool will also help you with analysis of the weapon, as it contains several tools to help you access the parts that need cleaning.

Compact Size

A carbon scraper is the easiest and quickest way to remove sediment. Mechanical scraping is much faster than using solvents or special brushes. The cleaner is made of resistant materials and you can always keep it at hand thanks to its compact size and closing mechanism.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • compact dimensions
  • durable materials
  • scrapers of various shapes
  • tools for analysis
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Important parameters

Stainless steel


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