Universal Smart Mat® Real Avid®

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Product code: AVULGSM
EAN: 8131190120130
Warranty period: 2 years

For any man cave

A universal Smart Mat gun cleaning pad® is designed for all shooters looking for a practical tool for more comfortable maintenance and modification of their weapons. Thanks to universal dimensions the mat provides a sufficiently large working space to handle short weapons up to long rifles and shotguns.

No Lost Screws

The special pad surface ensures that all the necessary bolts and pins won't move around your desk, but stay safe on the pad. In addition, the pad is complete with a magnetic storage space, offering space to store all necessary parts. You're so confident you'll never lose any components again. The base of the pad is made of anti-slip material, so the pad on the table is firmly held and prevents unwanted slide of the pad over your desk.

Pollution resistance

Some materials are vulnerable to damage and pollution. For this reason, the pad is made of a material that is resistant to oil. That way, you can clean your gun without any trouble, and not worry about contaminating the table and destroying the pad.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • storage space for workshops
  • slip adjustment
  • resistance to pollution
  • universal dimension
  • room to remove screws
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Představení - Univerzální podložka pro čištění zbraní Smart Mat®

Čistící podložka universální Real Avid® Na dlouhé i krátké! Top-ArmyShop

Important parameters

Other specifications
Important operations depicted on pad
Durable pad
Oil resistant
Pad for gun parts
Magnetic part of pad
1.1 m
40 cm


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