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Bacalao with clipfish Real Turmat®

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Norwegian company Drytech which also produces Real Turmat meals is a traditional manufacturer of dehydrated food. Whether you are an outdoor/survival enthusiasts or professional members of the army and other special forces, an adequate diet is extremely important. But outside civilization, you usually don't come across a pub as well as there is no time for cooking. So what we can do about it?

Nordic quality 

Real Turmat, that are dehydrated meals of uncompromising Norwegian quality, thanks to which you can enjoy your food even if you are miles away from the nearest restaurant. All Real Turmat meals have several years shelf life from the manufacturing date and at the same time they are very easy to prepare – all you need to do is add hot water. 

Easy to prepare 

Real Turmat meals are very easy to prepare. Just open the bag, add recommended amount of hot water, stir well, close again and wait 8 - 10 minutes. After that your meal is ready and you can enjoy it and eat in the field practically as in a restaurant.

Portuguese codfish 

Bacalao is an English variant of bacalhão, which means codfish. Norwegian manufacturer naturally use codfish from Norway. Bacalao is traditionally prepared with onion, pepper and potatoes. Dried, spicy and salted codfish is a real delicacy that gives you enough energy for the day. 

Benefits you need to know about:

  • dehydrated nutritious meal
  • energy on the go in compact and lightweight bag 
  • just add water 
  • Norwegian production 
  • highly nutritional 
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Important parameters

Information for allergic persons
Allergens: fish and fish products, soya beans and soya bean products
Nutritional values
per 100 g:
energy value 1996 kJ / 477 kcal
fats 27,1 g (of which saturated fatty acids 3,96 g)
carbohydrates 36,9 g (of which sugars 9,2 g)
proteins 18,2 g
salt 4,0 g
fibre 7,1 g
per serving:
energy value 1697 kJ / 405 kcal
fats 23,0 g (of which saturated fatty acids 3,37 g)
carbohydrates 31,4 g (of which sugars 7,8 g)
proteins 15,5 g
salt 3,0 g
fibre 6,0 g
Weight in detail
Weight hydrated: 440 g
Other specifications
Ingredients: Potatoes (26 %), cod ((clipfish (salted and dried cod) 50 %, cod 37 %) (87 %), citrus fibre, potato flour, salt) (18 %), onion (14 %), tomatoes (10 %), pepper (10 %), olive oil, tomato paste, corn starch, soy sauce (soya, salt, vinegar), garlic (1,1 %), fish stock (fish, salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, vegetables, rapeseed oil, spices), spices, antioxidant (ascorbic acid).


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