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The Solo 10 x 25 is a monocular of pocket size and low weight. Displays sufficient magnification up to 10 times, 25 mm lens diameter and excellent field of vision 105 m / 1 000 m. It fits easily into a small backpack or satchel. The 10 x 25 Solo monocular is an ideal companion for hiking and hunting, not adding unnecessarily to the weight-bearing gear, but delivering the possibility of good observation even in cold or winter at freezing temperatures.

FMC optics

Lenses and other optical elements with multi-coat provide excellent image quality due to extremely high light transmission. They provide optimal observation results. This state-of-the-art technology guarantees a perfectly clear high contrast image, with sharp contours and with natural colour resolution. Used prisms are made of good quality glass for BaK4 optics and allow excellent observational results despite the small size of the telescope.

Simple Focus

The focus is controlled by a wheel at the output lens. It is accurate enough to allow it to focus on nearby objects from as close as 5 m.

Use regardless of weather

It is waterproof and impact-resistant plus filled with nitrogen and sealed "o" rings, so does not fog inside.

Impact eraser

Special treatment by Rubber Armor delivers a long life, absorbs shocks, and provides protection of the telescope from mechanical damage, as well as other protection against environmental influences. Combined with rough diamond texture it prevents the hands from slipping, gives the user a perfect, sure and firm grip in cold and hot conditions, in rain or snow, in intense sunshine, whether the monocular is wet or frozen, that means under all conditions and circumstances.

Dust-proof, waterproof

Special sealing technology protects high-end optics from external influences. No dust, no dirt and no moisture can penetrate the monocular and cause damage and/or defects in the provided image.

No problem with glasses

Eye rubber cup is adjustable and allows use of the monocular with glasses.

Safe transportation

And when we don't use the monocular, we store it in a supplied pouch, in which it is safely stored and transported. In the pouch we also find a securing cord.


Zoom 10x
Height / Length 10.8 cm
Width 4.4 cm
Weight 165 g
Material in detail
Handle: rubber
Eye cup: rubber
More Specifications
Lens diameter: 25.0 mm
Output lens diameter: 3.13 mm
Output lens distance: 15.0 mm
Grip width: 4.58 cm
Field of vision at 1,000yd (ca 914.4m) – linear: 115.21m
Field of vision per 1,000m - linear: 125.99 m
Field of vision at 1,000yd (approx. 914.4m) – angular: 6.02 º
Shortest object distance to focus: 4.99 m
Use with glasses: yes
Waterproofing: yes
Impact resistance: yes - Rubber Armor
Anti-fog technology: yes - filled with nitrogen
Tightening: neck cord
Prismatic system: roof prism - roof prisms
Lens surface treatment: antireflective FMC
Shipment includes
safety cord
transport pouch

Benefits you need to know about:


  • monocular
  • observation device suitable for hunters and tourists
  • compact dimensions
  • low weight
  • always on hand
  • easy to control
  • single hand handling
  • modern technologies
  • waterproof
  • impact-resistant
  • treated against internal fogging - filled with nitrogen and sealed with "o" rings
  • lenses with antireflex treatment
  • very clear high contrast image, with sharp contours and with natural colour resolution
  • adjustable rubber eye cup allows use with glasses
  • special treatment by Rubber Amor with diamond shape texture
  • sealing technology protects high-end optics from external influences
  • roof prisms 
  • safety cord
  • carry pouch
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Important parameters

Height / length
13 cm
8 cm
150 g


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