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Product code: VTX5009-HSMG
Warranty period: 2 years

Versatile and reversible - this is the Keryx Sling shoulder bag from Vertx, which you can use on your daily errands not only around town. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or as a classic messenger bag. This depends on whether you want to use it more on trips or for more formal situations.

Full setup for everyday use

The all-new Rapid Access Tab design can be swapped from zip to zip to replace it with other pull styles. This way you get a fully customized setup for everyday use (EDC).

Option to expand the chamber for a weapon

The advantage of this bag also lies in its tactical functions. For example, you get compatibility with a ballistic panel or a floating internal partition that allows the depth of the chamber for concealed carry of a weapon (CCW) to be expanded by up to five centimeters. In addition, the CCW chamber is equipped with Gatekeeper G-hooks that prevent accidental exposure of the equipment inside.

Adjustable front flap

The adjustable front flap is hidden behind a MOLLE panel for easy access to gear and quick look changes. The laser-cut MOLLE webbing has a lower profile, is lighter and provides the user with plenty of room to accommodate compatible gear. The front flap is zipped and allows side access to the bag.

Adjustable straps

Reversible design strap with subtle color contrast stitching makes it easy to switch from right to left wear and vice versa. The padded shoulder strap, which is adjustable, features multiple attachment points for key equipment. An extra stabilizing strap redistributes the weight for a more comfortable carry, and a padded carrying handle makes it easy to convert to a messenger.

Chamber with a wide opening

The main compartment of the bag has a wide opening for easy access to equipment and is lined with a Velcro loop for additional customization options. Another advantage is the light color of the inside of the bag, which facilitates orientation and finding individual pieces of equipment. Inside, there is also a key laynard that is removable, so you can customize its location within the bag.

For Tactigami accessories

A loop lining with Velcro allows Tactigami accessories (and other compatible accessories) to be attached. In addition, each bag includes a Tactigami Double Admin case.

Extra durable solution and foam back panel

The extra durable solution of the bag is underlined by the glued nylon thread throughout with critical seams and attachment points. The three-dimensional molded foam back panel, in turn, boasts a new low-profile design and allows the passage of rolling luggage handles.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • versatile and reversible tactical bag
  • suitable for leisure and concealed carry (CCW)
  • can also be worn for more formal purposes (messenger bag)
  • ballistic panel compatibility
  • completely new Rapid Access Tab design with the option to replace
  • Gatekeeper G-hooks against unwanted exposure of CCW gear
  • adjustable front zip flap hidden behind MOLLE panel
  • laser cut MOLLE webbing
  • strap with double-sided design
  • adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • extra stabilization strap for weight stabilization
  • padded handle for carrying
  • main chamber with a wide opening
  • the inside of the bag in a light shade for easy orientation
  • detachable key laynard
  • 3D molded back foam panel with low profile design
  • gluednylon thread throughout
  • velcro loop lining for Tactigami and other accessories
  • included in the Tactigami Double Admin package
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Important parameters

Height / length
35.6 cm
49.5 cm
15.2 cm
20 l
Material in detail
80/20 400D nylon/polyester, 840D ballistic nylon with polyurethane coating
Dimensions in detail
CCW chamber dimensions (H×W×D): 34.3 × 48.3 × 6.3 cm
Fixing / transport
Shoulder strap


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