Mega-Fit Cytac® / Decreased Platform

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Product code: CY-UHFSP5
EAN: 8891470346246
Warranty period: 2 years

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The Mega-Fit Cytac universal pistol case® / lowered platform is great options for all those searching universal pistol casethat can accommodate a wide range of models, is at most practical and thanks to reduced platform provides an easier and more accessible draw.

Variable structure

The construction of the casing has been designed to be universal for most the most popular brand models such as Glock, Beretta, Sig Sauer, etc. The variability of this case is really wide and is compatible with over 80 models.The casing is made of resistant polymer, so it can withstand the difficult battle conditions and reliably protect your weapon from mechanical damage.It also has the advantage that the polymer retains its properties even at extreme temperatures.So you don't have to worry about it becoming deformed, for example, from high temperatures. 

Individual Settings

You can simply adjust the case exactly to your needs.Thanks adjustable bolts you can adjust the case size to fit exactly on your gun.If so you own multiple guns and don't want to make unnecessary purchases separate holsters for each weapon,, this universal holster is ideal solutions.This way you can use one case for all your a gun.

Effective and tailored

Drawing your weapon is very fluid and fast.Just grab the gun and use your index finger press release button.The button is quite large, so there's no problem to quickly feel it up and make it more effective with its shooting activity. The case has a rotating 360º handle, which allows you to adjust your lean platform cases exactly according to your needs.Of course, you can customize also strength grip cases.You can make adjustments very simply by using the included of the imbus key.

For ease of draw

The case can be worn with a belt or to buy other accessories that allows you to wear it on a MOLLE hinge or a thigh/shoulder platform.Thanks reduced platform is a case further away from the body while being lower under the equipment, which makes the case easily available and the weapon can be drawn quickly even if you're wearing a larger amount of gear.Universal and max practical case for all those looking for a case they can rely on in any situation.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • broad compatibility
  • reduced platform
  • resistant polymer construction
  • universal use
  • option of individual modifications
  • adjustable case size
  • adjustable grip strength
  • rotating 360 handle
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Product introduction - Universal pistol holster Mega-Fit Cytac® / lowered platform

User Manual - Mega-Fit Cytac® Universal Pistol Case / Low Platform

Important parameters

Universal - for more than 80 pistols
Fixing / transport
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Other specifications
360° case rotation
7 ways of carry (with respective accessories, sold separately)
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