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Product code: 31-001880
EAN: 0136581321088
Warranty period: 2 years

Danger lurks where we least expect it. That's why Gerber®, in collaboration with armed experts, has developed the Impromptu tactical pen. The purpose of the pen is therefore clear and reflected in the name itself (the word impromptu means improvised, without preparation) - it is an effective tool of self-defense in unpredictable situations.

You will never be surprised with Impromptu

Impromptu is, of course, a fully functional writing instrument. So it's good for writing important notes, even when the pen is pointing up. It writes in different weather conditions, dry and wet. The true purpose of this powerful tool thus remains secret.
The Gerber® Imprompact tactical pen protects its owner from unexpected attacks, which is the real reason to have a pen with you. In addition, thanks to the hardened (glass-breaker) tip, it can easily break the windshield of a car in the event of an accident or even other glass if necessary.

The pen is not made of paper

The body of Impromptu is made of high-quality and strong machined steel.
When, for whatever reason, you can't reach for a knife or a pistol, Impromptu's tactical pen is reliable.
The pen combines decades of Gerber® experience with the production of defense tools and suggestions from professional members of the police.
The pen is made in the USA.

In hand holds firmly 

The grooves in conjunction with the steel pocket clip for attachment to the stainless ensure a secure and firm grip.

It sticks with the user

Once you try the pen, it becomes an everyday piece of equipment. After all, it fits in your pocket, works and looks like a classic pen, but unlike the ordinary pen, it is ready for unexpected situations.

Key features of a tactical pen Gerber® Imprompt :

  • inconspicuous 
  • push-button mechanism 
  • dry and wet writing
  • made of machined steel
  • glass-breaker tip
  • an effective self-defense tool developed in collaboration with experts
  • every-day use 


  • Pen: black 
  • Cartridge: black 

Pocket clip

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GERBER® Imprompact Tactical Pen

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