Survival kit Paracord large Mil-Tec®

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Product code: 16027702
EAN: 4046872376450
Warranty period: 2 years

The Mil-Tec Paracord Survival Kit is a practical and compact survival kit.It includes various elements of emergency equipment that can save your life in a crisis situation.

Help always within reach

The entire kit is cleverly concealed in a strong case from a braided paracord cord.Because it's fitted with a carbine, it's easy to hang it on your backpack, or your belt, and it's still handy.When unpacked, you will find a number of survival tools in nature.From fire starting flints and tinder blocks to fishing set.For emergency repairs, you use safety pins, a compass when you lose your bearings, or a signal whistle and the paracord can be untangled and used as a rope. The kit also includes a special card-shaped multitool on which you can find a screwdriver, various keys, a can opener, a saw, and other tools.

Survival kit paracord content:

carbine (6 cm)
2x fire starter flints 
tinder blocks 
wire saw 
2 x adhesive bandages 
paracord bracelet
small D buckle 
emergency whistle
fishing gear (4 hooks, 2 lines, 2 pivots,2 baits,2 weights)
2x safety pin
multifunction card
small knife- scalpel blade 
aluminum foil
metal capsule
rope paracord (12 m)

Benefits you need to know about:

  • survival kit
  • suspension carbine
  • fire-fighting aids
  • fishing gear
  • gear repair tools
  • compact dimensions
  • low weight
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