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Product code: 070009-Cerna
Warranty period: 2 years

The Snugnut fur hat from the renowned British company Snugpak is suitable for anyone who spends time outdoors, even when it's cold outside. Especially in winter, you need to think about insulating the head, because this is where the most heat usually escapes. The Snugnut fur hat will provide you with the right comfort for long stays in the cold.

Comfortable design

Only high-quality and durable materials were used for the Snugpak Snugnut fur hat. The inner fabric of this headgear is very comfortable and properly insulated. Thanks to this, it is not a problem to sleep in this hat even in a sleeping bag and thus prevent heat loss during the night. And when it's not that cold, just flip the ear flaps upwards and get a less insulated option.

Practical packaging

You can easily pack the fur hat in the bag that is included in its packaging. This bag can be tied to a backpack and the cap can be simply unpacked when it gets cold. By lowering the ear flaps, you create an extra warm head covering that will protect you even from a really hard winter.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • comfortable headgear
  • made of durable materials
  • low weight
  • adjustable ear flaps
  • travel bag for storage
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