R-Defender Gen3 Cytac® Colt 1911-5 pistol case" - black

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This polymer case Cytac R-Defender is designed for Colt 1911-5″, Girsan 1911 MC pistols and variants of 1911.It is adjustable at various angles and offers many attachment options: on the belt, MOLLE binding, thigh platform, shoulder strap etc. It provides reliable and firm weapon protection in a combat situation and is comfortable even with long-term wear.

Safe and variable

The holster allows a smooth draw, with a natural grip on the gun and a gentle press of the release button with the index finger.On the side you will find an automatic fuse that fixes the weapon against movement.This modern design ensures easy removal and then automatic securing of the weapon after insertion back into the holster.With a rotating handle, it has a maximum variable setting for each user. The rotation at 360° (around) can be changed using the supplied imbus key.It allows for many modes of wear (paddle, MOLLE sling, belt pass or buckle and more). The body of the case is smooth, the thicker material provides solid protection for the gun under all conditions.

Professional Authenticated

Thanks to intuitive control and reliability the Cytac case became part of the toolkit of the French and Croatian police, the Brazilian Presidential Guard and the police or the Thai police force.The Army-grade polymer from which the case is made retains its unique properties in temperatures from -30 °C to 180 °C.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • Cytac® R-Defender product line
  • quality processing
  • military grade polymer
  • luxury design
  • sturdy, durable and comfortable to wear
  • paddle with injected silicone for greater stability
  • safe - safety pin to insure weapon against movement
  • 360° angle adjustment rotator
  • 7 attachment options
  • comfortable
  • ergonomic processing
  • draw speed while maintaining great retention
  • sandproof
  • including the imbus key for setting
  • to service, combat use, for sport shooting, for training, for personal defense, etc.

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Pistol holster R-Defender Gen3 Cytac® - Product introduction

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