Otis Defense® AP Brushes Nylon, 3 pcs

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Product code: FG-316-NB-3
EAN: 0148950042968
Warranty period: 2 years

Multi-purpose gun brushes from the American brand Otis Defense are the ideal solution for thorough cleaning of weapons. The large brush on one side cleans individual parts of the gun from rough dirt, while the smaller brush on the other side helps you clean the gun.

For almost any surface

The blue nylon cleaning brush has stiff bristles that allow for more aggressive cleaning. Nevertheless, the surface of the weapon does not scratch and, like the white nylon brushes, is suitable for daily cleaning. All brushes meet military specifications (Mil-Spec) and are recommended for use on almost any surface, including wooden ones.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • includes three multi-purpose brushes (one blue and two white)
  • they remove carbon deposits and gunpowder residues
  • a larger brush for rough cleaning and a smaller one for finishing
  • made in the USA by industry leaders
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