MyStar V2.0 NexTorch® Headlamp

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Product code: NXT-MYSTAR
EAN: 6945064202288
Warranty period: 2 years

Powerful outboard headlamp

The rechargeable headlamp myStar V2.0 NexTorch is a quality outdoor headlamp for all those looking for a truly durable and compact lamp for a wide range of outdoor activities. Brilliant luminance is provided by a quality Osram LED, that provides sufficient power in any situation.You will appreciate it not only when running, but also when camping, climbing, night skiing or fishing.

Intuitive and easy to control

It has a practical 360° rotational switch for easy adjustment of light intensity and range.You can adjust the light depending on the specific situation. It is designed to eliminate mode switching upon inadvertent contact with the switch.The lamp offers 2 light-focus modes.The first mode(flood light) guarantees illumination of the space at 66°, the second is focused light (220 meter long shot)

Adjustable and comfortable

You can adjust the angle of the head. This gives you the option to adjust the direction of the light depending on whether you need to light in front of you or rather under your feet.The lamp is very comfortable even with a all day- wear.Thanks to the headband in shape "Y", the torch weight and battery storage, it is evenly distributed all over the head. In addition, battery storage is ergonomically shaped to replicate head shape and enhance more comfortable use.

Smartly designed battery

Power is provided by polymer lithium battery.If you wanted to achieve the same capacity, you would have to use 6 classic AA batteries, but the battery used is much lighter. It can be charged using direct USB.Thanks to the USB power supply, there is no problem with the headlamp comfortably charging in the car, using the power bank, laptop or charging adapters. A charging indicator  will also come in handy.This gives you a constant overview of the charging process and can eliminate the risk of overcharging, which can reduce battery life.

All-weather construction

The lamp meets water resistant standards IPX4, so you can use it in any weather, even in rain, without any problem. All buttons are improved by anti-slip texture for easier handling in humid environments. You can select from 3 modes and control the power modes with a button on the front. It also has S.O.S mode.The power switch is operated by a button on the back of the lamp.

Practical design

The back of the storage box is improved by slow flash red light to alert other attendees to your position.The lamp is made of a combination of resistant polymer and light aerial aluminium.A truly durable, functional and reliable headlamp for a wide range of outdoorsy activities.

Mode Luminance (lm) Beam distance(m) Runtime(one full charge)
Low 28 42 81 h
Medium 245 124 8 h 15 min
High 760 220 4 h 45 min
S.O.S. 760 - -

Benefits you need to know about:

  • 3 intensity modes
  • 2 shape modes (wide/focused)
  • Osram® LED
  • 360° rotary switch
  • adjustable head angle of lamp
  • headband in Y
  • ergonomically shaped battery storage
  • USB charge 
  • airplane aluminium construction
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Important parameters

Number of modes
Luminous power
760 lm
220 m
175 g
Types of batteries / accumularos
1x rechargeable lithium polymer battery 3 000 mAh
Material in detail
Lamp body: aluminum alloy and polymer
Battery container: polymer
Dimensions in detail
Lamp base: 7,4 cm x 4,4 cm x 4,0 cm
Battery container: 7,6 cm x 2,9 cm x 8,2 cm
Other specifications
LED type: Osram®
Battery status indicator / charging indicator
Lamp angle: 60 °
Focus - range: focused light beam to flood light
Waterproof: IPX 4
Impact resistance: up to 1 m
Parts of delivery
LED lamp
Adjustable "Y" headband
Battery container
1x rechargeable lithium polymer battery 3 000 mAh
USB charging cable


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