Multi-functional flashlights

Multifunctional flashlights offer more possibilities of use which gives us advantages that we will certainly appreciate in certain situations. So let´s choose wisely. 

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Multi-functional flashlights

For those of us who always wanted a little more than just an ordinary knife, ordinary pliers or an ordinary flashlight, there is this section. But how do we know that it is a multi-functional flashlight ? Do we know how should it look like or what should feature ? Just as multi-functional knife it should also offer more features, lightning modes, etc. Let´s talk about it little more. 

What are they ? 

The word "multifunctional" already suggests where the whole concept is going. Practically, this flashlight should offer more than standard flashlight. Unfortunately, there are many flashlights on the market and in our e-shop that fulfill this role. They differ, for example, in lighting modes, but also in other features. They can be for example attach to something or hang somewhere. But this doesn´t say much so let´s try it differently. 

Different lighting modes 

Multifunctional flashlight usually offer more lighting modes. What does it mean ? Standard flashlight has only one reflector from which the light comes out. The multifunctional flashlights, however, can offer more. For example, we can have a standard reflector for distance lighting and at the same time, there will be a panel on one side, which is great for lighting a table or the inside of a tent. It si similar with colors. It does not have the be the standard white or yellow light only, but the flashlight features filters that helps to change the colour to red, blue or green, which is great for signaling or night vision. Ina ddition to these modes, there are are other lighting modes such as strobe or SOS. But do this multifunctional flashlights offer more than just different lighting modes ? 

Bring it here !

Such a well-thought-out flashlight can offer more. In cases where it can be used as a room lighting, it must have more options. For example, an eyelet for hanging is suitable for ideal lighting. It can also have magnetic base that allow us to attach it to compatible surface. Of course we can be a little conservative and hold the flashlight in hand, just like the other standard flashlights. 

It is simple 

The selection is actually simple. Each flashlight offers something different. We can then choose what suits us the best. Multi-functional flashlights are mostly not used as primary light sources, but as occasional or backup ones. Despite that, they of course deserve a proper construction, where the plastic is usually used as well as quality lighting medium (bulb) in the form of LEDs. Let´s not forget that they offer the ideal ratio in energy performance and luminosity. We will get a flashlight which with its potential can offer great properties. 

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