MoG® Nordic Black winter gloves

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Product code: MOG-5502-L
Warranty period: 2 years

The MoG Nordic Black winter gloves protect against cold weather and wind, have a water-repellent surface and are resistant to knife cuts at the same time. In addition, the folding flap on the index finger and thumb ensures that fine motor skills are preserved for precise work.

Durable goatskin

Durable and tough at the same time, these gloves from MoG Gloves are made of goatskin on the fingertips and wrist bones, but also on the palm. It is also an extra layer of protection that repels water and at the same time withstands a lot.

Folding thumb and index finger

The upper part of the thumb and index finger of the gloves is foldable – and once folded, you can attach it to the velcro so that it does not interfere with your precision work.

Resistant to wind and rain

In addition to goatskin, windstopper material is used as a material, which is wind-resistant and water-repellent. It is combined with a comfortable 3M Thinsulate fleece lining. Another interesting feature is the case with a zipper on the back, in which you can put heating pads or in short any necessary equipment that fits there.

Cuff with velcro fastening

The MoG Nordic Black gloves also include a long conical cuff that can be worn under or over the sleeve. This cuff has a Velcro fastener, so you can adjust its size exactly to the size of your hand. Around the wrist, directly above the cuff, the manufacturer fitted the glove with an elastic band, so that the glove fits you exactly here as well.

For professional and tactical use

The MoG Nordic Black gloves are primarily intended for professional and tactical use in cold and wet conditions. Thanks to the folding thumb and index finger, you can also use them for precise work. According to the manufacturer, other possible applications include hunting, logistics or leisure outdoor activities.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • winter gloves
  • protection against cold weather and wind
  • water repellent surface
  • resistant to knife cuts
  • folding flap on thumb and index finger (preserving fine motor skills)
  • goatskin on the fingertips, wrist bones and palm
  • windstopper material (water-repellent and wind-resistant)
  • comfortable fleece lining 3M Thinsulate
  • zippered pouch on the back for warm pads or smaller gear
  • long conical cuff adjustable with velcro fastening
  • elastic band above the cuff for a better fit
  • for professional and tactical use
  • for hunting, outdoor and logistics
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Important parameters

Material in detail
Main material: goatskin
Lining: 3M Thinsulate fleece
Other specifications
Meets standard EN 388:2019
Meets standard EN 511:2006


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