REVIEW: Tactical® Outdoor Scout Solar Light

2/6/2024 | Testing and reviews | Tibor Hrušecký | Reading time: 3 minutes
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In today's review, we're taking a look at the outdoor Scout Solar Light Tactical®. As the name implies, it is a flashlight with solar charging capability, but there is also a USB-C charging option. The flashlight also has a very lightweight and has a foldable design. What are its other features? Read more...


Many types of outdoor flashlights and lamps have passed through my hands. But none of them met all the criteria I had defined in advance, namely:

  • low weight, 
  • compact dimensions and the associated foldability, 
  • great performance,
  •  and last but not least, good battery life.

Then a product appeared on the market that promised to meet all the required criteria, and I had no choice but to buy it and try it for myself. It is an outdoor light called the Scout Solar Light Tactical®.

Scout Solar Light Tactical

 Outdoor Scout Solar Light Tactical impresses with its foldable construction.

Product description

Dimensions and construction

This outdoor light impresses at first glance with its foldable construction. The part that can be folded is made of silicone. When folded, you are left with a compact "pancake" that is only 3 cm high in its "thickest" part. 

When unfolded, the light reaches a height of 10 cm. Honestly, I didn't expect much from it. However, after the first test I quickly changed my mind, and now from my point of view it is one of the best outdoor light that has passed through my hands so far.

Scout Solar Light Tactical folded

 When folded, the Scout Solar Light Tactical is compact.


The light intensity is 1,000 lux, which is quite good for this type of outdoor light. There is only one colour of light available, namely white with a temperature of 6 000 K. What I am missing is a bit is the red light, however, my headlamp is equipped with this, so it didn't bother me that much.

The light has a total of 3 light modes of different intensities, with the energy-saving lighting offering up to 120 hours of operation (depending on ambient conditions). The medium power lightning is around 60 hours of light.

During my trips through the nature I tried all 3 lighting modes and the overall endurance and I was satisfied because in this case the manufacturer did not exaggerate. I use the light minimally at its highest intensity. I mostly go between low and medium illumination.

In the winter, we are at 18 hrs at the highest power output. At the lowest power I have not yet gotten to discharge, as my flashlight lasted all weekend, even during the whole night. Even on medium power, my light didn't discharge all weekend.

Scout Solar Light Tactical lights in the dark

 OutdoorScout Solar Light Tactical has a total of 3 lighting modes.


Charging is possible in two ways: via USB-C with a charging time of about 1 h, or by solar panel, which in sunny weather takes about half a day to full capacity. Unfortunately, when charging with the solar panel, I often encountered bad weather, so I did not have the opportunity to assess the real charging time.

The battery capacity is 500 mAh, which is quite a funny capacity considering the power offered. Plain and simple, I've not been without a light (and the powerbank can't complain about high energy consumption when charging either).

Other features

The great advantage of this product is the possibility of positioning the light and thus focusing the light flux. The composite light illuminates a very small space and thus does not disturb the evening. With the unfolded one, I can then set where it should shine. No other light has offered me this function so far. And not to forget, the light has a fixed fixing option in the lower perimeter frame.

Controls and protection

The touch controls are simple and I had no problems with them. When folded, the touch switch is covered, so you won't accidentally trigger it while going through your backpack. A significant bonus is the IP67 rating, so dusty environments and rain don't bother it at all. 

Scout Solar Light Tactical touch controls

 The touch control of the Scout Solar Light Tactical outdoor flashlight is seamless and thanks to the positioning hinge, you won't accidentally drop it in your backpack.


  • Number of LED: 1 white
  •  LED power: 1,2 W
  • Lighting: 1 000 lux/lx
  • Light temperature: 6 000 K
  • Lighting angle can be adjusted using the folding cone.
  • Adjustable strap on top, fixed handles on the sides.
  • Charging: via USB cable (USB-C) or solar panel
  • Charging time stated by the manufacturer: USB cable - 1 h / solar panel - 10 h
  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh
  • Maximum luminous duration stated by the manufacturer: 120 h
  • Control: 1 button (touch) on the side
  • Protection: IP67 (dustproof; can withstand immersion to a depth of 1 m for 30 min)

Bonus points:

  • Power and light endurance.
  • Possibility of positioning.
  • Compact dimensions and simplicity.
  • Battery life and charging speed via cable.
  • Level of protection.

Scout Solar Light Tactical positioning

 The possibility of positioning the Scout Solar Light Tactical is one of the advantages of this product.


From my point of view, this is the best outdoor light purchase so far. It provides both compact size and decent performance. The charging speed via USB-C cable is impeccable and the battery life was beyond my needs. From initial skepticism, this light has become an essential piece of my gear for multi-day treks after the first test. I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a flashlight with similar specs as I mentioned in the introduction.

Tibor Hrušecký
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