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1/29/2024 | Hints and tips | Hana Sedláková | Reading time: 5 minutes
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Do you go camping even in winter? Congratulations, we hereby classify you among campers at heart. Haven't tried it yet and would like to? Well done, we're with you! In both cases, Top-ArmyShop can offer you a number of great products to make camping in the freezing weather more enjoyable. Come try something new and be inspired by the practical tips in our magazine!

Summer camping is fun. Camping in the spring and fall can be a challenge at times. Winter camping is a very special case. It doesn't give you anything for free. It will require a combination of skill, agility, discipline and proper equipment. But when everything goes well and you finally return to a warm home, it will be the winter camping experiences that you will remember the most. And because even in this field there is always something to discover and improve, come and spice it up with our first-class products.

Tents in the mountains in winter. Source: pixabay

 Even in winter there is no reason to give up camping.

1) Snugpak® Softie 12 Osprey sleeping bag

This model has been setting trends for winter sleeping bags since the end of the 80s. And even if you get it today in a new improved version, it's still up to date. Despite having a comfort temperature of -10°C, it remains light and compact. The mummy construction ensures comfort and minimizes heat loss. The interesting feature of this sleeping bag is that it has no stitching that could cause the formation of so-called cold spots. Nevertheless, the insulating material is held in place as if nailed.

The sleeping bag has increased resistance to moisture and is equipped with a premium Softie Premier thermal insulation layer. A removable hood and high-quality YKK zippers covered with a baffle help also prevent unwanted heat leaks. What else can this sleeping bag do? For example, it allows you to connect two sleeping bags of this type to each other if you are traveling as a couple (however, one sleeping bag must be with a left and the other with a right zipper).

OUR TIP: Are you cold-blooded?

"Sweaty Eskimo – dead Eskimo." We will probably never find out who came up with this saying first, but it is certain that they knew what they were talking about. Therefore, always go to the sleeping bag in dry clothes, if you do not want to tremble with cold at night. If you're cold, pack a sleeping bag insert and a hot water bottle. Read more tips on how to sleep well in winter in a sleeping bag.

Recommended product
Snugpak® Softie 12 Osprey sleeping bag
€ 190.8 | In stock

2) Snugpak® Bivvi Bag

Whenever you decide to spend the night in the open in cold weather, a good bivy bag is a must in your outdoor gear. The bivy bag is actually a waterproof cover for your sleeping bag and is intended for emergency overnight stays.

This model from Snugpak offers a water column of 5,000 mm and will protect your sleeping bag from wind, rain and cold in situations where you sleep outside without a shelter. It differs from ordinary bivy bags in that it is breathable and it wicks moisture perfectly thanks to the Paratex Dry material. So this is no plastic film and you will definitely not sweat in it. This bivy bag is compatible not only with Snugpak sleeping bags, but with most sleeping bags on the market.

OUR TIP: Where to sleep?

It's great to have a good bivy bag, but you still need to find the right place to sleep in time. What should it all meet? In our article on how to find a place to spend the night, you will learn everything you need.

Recommended product
Snugpak® Bivvi Bag
€ 84 | In stock

3) Snugpak® Hammock Cocoon sleeping system for a hammock

Don't want to sleep on the ground and prefer a hammock? This may not be a problem in winter either. This sleeping system surrounds the entire hammock literally like a warm cocoon. It will thus protect you from the cold, external influences and heat losses that occur due to the compression of the thermal insulation when you are lying on the ground.

The materials and partially the construction are taken from the sleeping bags of this brand. The Hammock Cocoon therefore consists of a high-quality Travelsoft insulating layer, a waterproof MicroDiamond outer material and a comfortable inner material with Paratex Antibacterial treatment. With a length of 3 m, it is fully compatible with most hammocks.

Snugpak Hammock Cocoon

 Hammock Cocoon by Snugpak wraps your hammock literally like a cocoon.

OUR TIP: How to combine correctly?

Watch our video about this sleeping system, where you will learn how to use it correctly, but also something about how you can combine the hammock with other systems such as an underquilt. And if terms like quilt and underquilt still confuse you and you prefer to read, click on our article that also covers these systems.

Recommended product
Wrap System HAMMOCK COCOON Snugpak® - olive
€ 99.6 | In stock

4) Insulated Static V™ Lite Klymit® inflatable mat

The Insulated Static V Lite inflatable mat can withstand any season, including winter, when good thermal insulation is especially important. It will also be appreciated by those who count every gram. From now on, they do not have to deal with weight at the expense of comfort.

The ergonomically arranged V-shaped air chambers help you to sleep comfortably in any position and ensure that you do not slip off the mat at night. Patented ribbing on the sides maintains an even distribution of air in the chambers. Klymalite insulation provides sufficient thermal resistance and insulation from the cold ground. Inflating the mat is very quick and will not take you more than 10-15 breaths.

OUR TIP: Take good care of it, it will pay off

Even though the inflatable mat is quite durable, it can happen that it tears in the field. This is especially unpleasant in winter, when good insulation from the ground plays a crucial role, because this struggle can completely deprive you of sleep and energy. Therefore, always have a repair kit with you, or at least duct tape. At home, always store the inflatable mat in an unpacked state, ideally in a dry and well-ventilated place, and leave the valve open. This will significantly extend its lifespan.

In addition to the repair kit, we recommend that you pack one more gadget in winter, and that is an inflating pump. Why is it so important? You will learn this in our article about the most common mistakes during winter camping.

Recommended product
Klymit® Insulated Static V™ Lite Sleeping Pad - Mango
€ 132 | In stock

5) Helikon-Tex® Reversible Swagman Roll® insulated poncho

Do you like multifunctional outdoor equipment? The insulated Reversible Swagman Roll poncho from the renowned Polish brand Helikon-Tex is just such a piece. You will find several possible uses already shown on the packaging: it can serve as an insulating layer of clothing, a light jacket (but not as a replacement for a full-fledged winter jacket), a light blanket sleeping bag, a blanket, a pad, a pillow (after packing it into a zip pocket on the chest), a sleeping bag insert or insulation in a hammock.

The insulation material Climashield Apex has already proven itself many times in sleeping bags and is characterized by a long service life. Another must is the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) surface treatment, which increases the mechanical resistance of the material and protects against adverse conditions. All this is also helped by precise sewing, high-quality seam processing and YKK zippers.

The poncho has an insulated removable hood and you can carry it in two ways – in the bag that is included in the package, or you can simply pack it in the zippered pocket on the chest. As the name itself suggests, the poncho is double-sided, in our case in two camouflage designs.

OUR TIP: Combine insulation with a raincoat

The Reversible Swagman Roll Poncho provides warmth and protection against light rain. In case of heavy rain, combine it with a waterproof Ripstop poncho (raincoat), also by Helikon-Tex. Your protection will thus be complete.

This poncho works best on its own at temperatures around 10°C, while it is more suitable as an additional insulating layer in colder weather. If you plan to use it as a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag insert, try the dimensions first.

Recommended product
Helikon-Tex® Reversible Swagman Roll® insulated poncho
€ 160 | In stock

6) Snugpak® Jungle Travel XL blanket

You know the good old campfire hit Kousavá deka (Biting blanket)? With the Jungle Travel XL blanket from Snugpak, a specialist in high-end sleeping bags and insulated clothing, you will avoid all the problems associated with cold and discomfort. Won't a proper blanket fit in your backpack, even if you roll it into a ball? You get this warm but lightweight blanket in a compression package that takes up minimal space.

The Jungle Travel XL blanket uses the same thermal insulation technology as Snugpak sleeping bagsthe Travelsoft insulation is light, fluffy, compressible and provides excellent insulation. Ripstop MicroDiamond surface layer ensures durability. The Paratex Antibacterial inner layer is pleasant to the touch and prevents the spread of bacteria and odours, which is practical on long journeys. In addition, the blanket is windproof and waterproof.

OUR TIP: What is a blanket good for?

Are you wondering why bring a blanket? Perhaps because it has a versatile use. You can wrap yourself in it, for example, during a campfire, a long stop during a winter march or whenever you need it.

But a warm blanket can also help in much more serious cases. For example, when you have to take care of an injured person in places where immediate medical care is not available and, in the best case, you will have to wait a long time for it, e.g. in the mountains. After providing first aid and treating the injury, it will be necessary to ensure the victim's thermal comfort. Thermofoil can work well for this, but it tears easily and if you only carry one piece with you, its dimensions are usually not enough to thoroughly wrap a person.

Also, don't forget that you should have at least one warm blanket (preferably several) in your car, especially in winter. Even a trip along a highway can turn into winter camping in extreme weather, and even the heating in the car won't last forever. Read in our article what is good to take with you in the car in winter.

Recommended product
Snugpak® Jungle Travel XL blanket
€ 47.6 | In stock

7) Raketenofen Mini MFH® folding stove

Translated from German, literally "rocket stove" is suitable for solid fuels, you can also use it as a classic "wood stove". Thanks to the chimney effect caused by the vents at the bottom, they burn surprisingly well and heat your coffee water in no time. A grill grate is also included.

Those who might find it strange to carry a portable stove in their backpack need not worry. The entire package is compact and storable (a practical carrying case is included), assembly and disassembly are easy and quick. Try this simple way of cooking in nature yourself!

OUR TIP: Winter barbecue

Barbecue is a social event that most of us associate mainly with summer evenings. How about trying something a little different? With the folding stove, you can organize a small private barbecue even in the snow! Light the fire and let pieces of meat, good cold cuts, ermine in foil or chopped vegetables roast on the grill. Warm and smoke-scented food will be a pleasant boost in the cold!

Recommended product
Foldable Stove Raketenofen Mini MFH®
€ 37.8 | Out of stock

8) Tasmanian Tiger® H&C STUFF vacuum thermos

Do you know when the thermos was invented? It happened more than 130 years ago at Oxford University and the first models were used for laboratory purposes. During that time, thermoses have come a long way, especially in terms of materials and insulation capabilities. If you invest in a quality thermos today, it will last for years, if not decades, with proper care.

This Tasmanian Tiger thermos with a capacity of 1 liter is made of stainless steel and the space between the insulation layers is filled with a vacuum, thanks to which there is practically no heat conduction and the thermos perfectly insulates. It keeps a hot drink warm and a cold one cold for long hours. Do your hands get cold in the winter? Then there's more good news – this bottle is unbreakable.

OUR TIP: Soup from a thermos

Having hot tea, coffee or a mulled wine at hand is great. But did you know that you can also cook soup in a thermos, for example, while walking during a several-hour trek? All you have to do is put the warmed and chopped ingredients, including spices, into it, cover with boiling water and let it work. You can find inspiration in our article with outdoor fire recipes.

Recommended product
Insulated Bottle H&C STUFF 1 l Tasmanian Tiger® - olive
€ 29.8 | In stock
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