NFM received SA8000 Management System Certification

12/16/2022 | Top-ArmyShop News | Jana Černá | Reading time: 4 minutes
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NFM is proud to have received SA8000 certification, which is part of company vision for structured sustainable development. NFM production cares about its people and provides great working conditions. 

We protect those who protect us 

NFM delivers complex solution for military and other special forces and rescue systems. This company, which is one of the leaders in its field, was founded in 1996 by four Norwegian National Guard soldiers.

NFM designs and produces protective equipment that enables the user to deploy his full capacity during combat, while staying protected. NFM systems and products are based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship. They are designed in cooperation with users and by continuosly implementing an innovative approach to protection. Nowdays, NFM has contracts with over 50 military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Armed forces

What is SA8000?

SA8000 is an international standard certification program, that provides a method for any organisation to conduct business in a way that is fair and decent. It is an internationally recognised standard that creates a platform for a business to implement or improve workplace conditions and workers’ rights.

SA8000 includes several areas, that are vital for social accountability and human rights practices and continuous improvement of this system.

  • Child labour 
  • Forced labour 
  • Compulsory labour
  •  Health and safety
  • Free association
  • Collective bargaining
  • Working hours 
  • Compensation/remuneration
  • Discrimination 
  • Disciplinary practices

What NFM has done to achieve this certification ? 

To achieve certification NFM checked the available standards of social audits, most of which lasted three days. A study was initiated to locate the best certification for individual standards and SA8000 was chosen, which is one of the highest-ranking certificates with the longest audit - nine audit days. 

Women manufacturing the NFM products

 NFM received SA8000 Management System Certification for providing great working conditions for its employees and their constant improvement.

How was the preparation of NFM for certification?

  • Set new processes for child remuneration and grievances
  • Prepared risk analyses for different processes
  • Integrated the continuous improvement process into existing ISO 9001 procedures
  • Trained our entire staff, from the warehouse to senior management
  • Created a new Management Team which oversees the system
  • Improvements in the health and safety area were completed

NFM HJELM™ combat helmet

 NFM HJELM™ combat helmet is capable of integrating information technology while every gram of performance is optimized. It is complemented with ballistic shell and special protective layer (Koroyd system) that provide a high level of protection and comfort. 

What NFM will do to maintain this certification ?

Continuos work on the improvement of the system, internal audits, report for the annual management review and improve risk assessment for NFM and supply chain. 

NFM company will also try to work with its supply chain to improve their social conditions through audits and training.

NFM will also monitor and perform follow–up audit controls every six months and will continue to focus on improving possible factors for the re-certification audit.

NFM does not cooperate with suppliers who do not follow NFM values. 

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