Holosun® SCS PDP-GR Open Micro Collimator

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Product code: SCS-PDP-GR
EAN: 8100470728502
Warranty period: 2 years

The micro collimator Holosun SCS PDP-GR is intended for direct mounting on the bolt carrier of Walther PDP weapons. This is an advanced model that is equipped with a solar panel for propulsion or automatic warp intensity correction. The outline color is green.

For Walther PDP

The collimator was designed specifically for Walther PDP weapons, or for those equipped with a collimator-prepared bolt carrier. The very low profile of the base allows for trouble-free use of fixed sights.

Quality and durable processing

The high-quality and durable processing of the Holosun SCS PDP-GR collimator underlines the fact that this piece of optics is made of titanium alloy. Thanks to this, it can withstand even more demanding treatment and survive even harsher conditions.

Switchable pattern

The switchable collimator outline combines a 2 MOA dot with a 32 MOA pattern. Alternatively, you can choose either a dot or a figure. The 32 MOA pattern is ideal for use in tactical shooting.

Solar system

The SCS PDP-GR collimator does not need any additional battery for its operation, as it is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery with a long service life. It is recharged via a solar panel. When the battery level drops below a certain critical level (for example, in low light conditions), the displayed outline starts flashing.

Innovative control system

The innovative control system allows automatic regulation to be replaced by the so-called boost mode. In this mode, the collimator will increase the intensity level for 30 minutes and then automatically switch to the original level. Otherwise, the collimator is able to adapt the intensity of the outline to current needs, even when using a weapon flashlight.

A total of 12 brightness levels

This collimator has a total of 12 brightness levels, two of which are for night vision. At the same time, the regulation takes place completely automatically. The use of aspherical glass, which does not distort the image, is certainly worth mentioning. The collimator has no parallax and has unlimited eye relief.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • quality collimator for demanding conditions
  • compact design
  • for Walther PDP weapons with direct mounting on the bolt carrier
  • patterns 2 MOA (dot) / 32 MOA / combination of both
  • solar panel operation
  • made of titanium
  • light and durable
  • 12 brightness levels (2 for night vision)
  • automatic intensity control
  • boost mode (level up for 30 minutes)
  • aspherical glass (does not distort the image)
  • without parallax
  • green outline color
  • unlimited eye relief
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Important parameters

38 g
Crosshair type
Terč s tečkou
Target without dot
5 cm
Solar panel
Size of crosshair
Click size
Elevation range
30 MOA
Windage range
30 MOA


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