Gun light WL50IR Dual-Light / 860 lm NexTorch®
€  185.2
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Gun light WL50IR Dual-Light / 860 lm NexTorch®

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€ 185.2
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Product code: NXT-WL50IR
EAN: 6945064201595
Warranty period: 2 years

Powerful weapon light

Weapon-light WL50IR Dual-Light / 860 lm NexTorch® is a reliable light for low light lighting (up to 860 lumens) designed specifically for use on a weapon.It has 2 color modes. You can use it not only for regular lighting, but also for infrared light.

2 color modes

The base mode uses classic white lights for easy orientation in locations with low or no illumination and more accurate aiming.In addition, it has a special IR light, which you will use when using night vision goggles. You can switch between modes by rotating the flashlight head

Adjustable light intensity

You can also select from 3 light levels.This allows you to adjust the light exactly according to the needs of the specific environment.The controls can be found at the rear of the lamp.The pack also includes a remote switch for easy control of the light directly on the weapon.The switch provides easy and, most importantly, fast control of the light.The panel contains 2 buttons to immediately turn the momentary-on and constant light on/off.

Easy assembly

The weapon light is compatible with any Picatinny bar.The mounting and disassembly of the lantern is extremely simple thanks to the rotating lock. If necessary, you can remove the flashlight and attach it to another weapon very quickly.

Resilient construction

The structure is made of aerial aluminium, which is highly resistant, but also light. It can withstand a fall from 1 meter without damage and a 1 meter dive (IPX7). You can use it in any weather with no problem.

Universal battery

It uses a rechargeable battery 18650. If you don't have a chance to recharge the battery, you'll also certainly appreciate the option of using2 non-rechargeable CR123A batteries, which you can easily pack in your backpack.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • luminance 860 lumens
  • 2 colour modes
  • classical white light
  • IR light for night vision
  • remote switch
  • 3 intensity of light
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Important parameters

Total length
16 cm
Number of modes
Luminous power
860 lm
290 m
235 g
Parts of delivery
Remote control
Laser colour
Bez laseru
Type of switch


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