Gatorz® Blastshield MilSpec Ballistic glasses
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Gatorz® Blastshield MilSpec Ballistic glasses

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Product code: GZ-10-402
EAN: 8412351255152
Warranty period: 2 years

Protection and comfort – these are the main factors that guided the developers of Gatorz when developing these glasses. In addition, Blastshield glasses can easily adapt to different environments while maintaining optimal visual acuity and an above-average field of vision. In the MilSpec variant, additionally with ballistic protection.

Easy and quick lens replacement

Thanks to the new Innovative Clamp Mechanism (ICM) system, you can quickly and easily change the lenses of the glasses, depending on your current needs or the weather. The center mount feature reduces the risk of visual impairment in the event of an impact and also brings with it a wider field of vision.

On the shooting range and for everyday wear

Gatorz Blastshield glasses are suitable both for the shooting range and for everyday wear, but they can also be used by professionals from the ranks of the armed forces, who can use them for their regular daily tasks.

Ballistic variant

In its ballistic variant (MilSpec), the glasses have superior protection – they were successfully tested against two hits from a .15 caliber weapon at velocities between 213 and 221 meters per second, without cracking, shattering or loosening.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • protection glasses
  • comfortable wearing
  • innovative clamp mechanism (ICM) glass replacement system
  • center mount feature – reduced risk of visual impairment
  • wide field of view
  • suitable for the shooting range, for professionals and for everyday wear
  • ballistic variant
  • meets MilSpec standards
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Buy Gatorz® Blastshield MilSpec Ballistic glasses from €  311.6

Gatorz® Blastshield MilSpec Ballistic sunglasses

Important parameters

Material in detail
Lenses: polycarbonate
Frame: precisely CNC machined aluminium
Dimensions in detail
Bridge width: 30 mm (adjustable)
Bridge height: 22 mm
Frame width (from hinge to hinge): 132 mm
Frame height: 57 mm
Distance between temples (tip to tip): 95 mm (adjustable)
Temple length: 127 mm
Other specifications
Very low weight
Black frame with Cerakote® finish
Number of hinges between frame and temples: 4 (2 on each side)
Fully adjustable frame
Ghost Temple - thin temples compatible with a helmet or headphones
Centre mounting functions for reduced risk of visual impairment (caused by setting or impact) and wide visual field
Innovative Clamp Mechanism (ICM) for easy and quick lens replacement when lighting conditions change
Clear, smoky grey and photochromatic lenses with the UV 400 sun protection level
Clear, smoky grey and photochromatic lenses with hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment
Clear, smoky grey and photochromatic lenses with anti-fogging treatment
Clear, smoky grey and photochromatic lenses with anti-scratch treatment
Impact-resistant lenses
Clear lenses have no shade at all and are suitable for fog, dusk and night conditions
Light transmittance - clear lenses: 93 %
Smoky grey lenses reduce bright light and improve colour perception, are suitable for sunny days and everyday use
Light transmittance - smoky grey lenses: 17 %
Photochromatic lenses adapt to ambient light conditions and range from clear to smoky grey lenses, are excellent for indoor and outdoor use in foggy or variable weather
Light transmittance - photochromatic lenses: 15 % - 86 %
Norms and standards:
MIL-PRF-32432 - standard test method for military combat eye protection system (4.8.4 ballistic protection against fragments)
ANSI / ISEA Z87.1 2015
Ballistic lenses tested against 2 hits from a .15 caliber weapon at speeds of approximately between 213 m / s and 221 m / s - without cracking, shattering or loosening
Made in USA
Parts of delivery
Glasses (frame)
Solid zippered case


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