Fixed Blade Knife Skeleton Combat KA-BAR®

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Universal combat/utility knife 

Skeleton Combat KA-BAR® knife was designed as a combat knife, but it can also be used for everyday work in the forest, preparing food, etc. It is a universal knife to any situation. It is made of durable stainless steel 5Cr15. The knife comes from Becker Knife & Tool production, which has been dealing with tactical and survival knives since 1980. It comes with a practical plastic sheath. The body has openings for attaching of securing cords or creating an improvised spear.

Durable and thoughtful design 

The blade is a clip-point shape - back (unsharpened) edge of the knife runs straight from the handle and stops about halfway up the knife. Then, it turns and continues to the point of the knife. The very sharp tip is suitable for cutting even in hard-to-reach places. The blade is also suitable for stabbing and easy penetration of the material. The knife is very versatile and allows you to handle a wide range of activities. The great advantage of the knife is undoubtedly low weight, which is ensured by skeleton construction (no handles).

Benefits you need to about : 

  • low weight
  • 5Cr15 stainless steel 
  • clip point blade shape 
  • lightweight (skeleton) construction 
  • quality workmanship 
  • universal use 
  • plastic sheath 
  • lanyard holes 
  • ergonomic handle 
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Buy Fixed Blade Knife Skeleton Combat KA-BAR® for €  20.6

Important parameters

Blade length
6.4 cm
Handle length
9.2 cm
Total length
15.6 cm
54 g
Material of blade / tools
Steel 5Cr15
Material of handle
Steel 5Cr15
Material of pouch
Plastic (unspecified)
Blade type
Single bevel
Clip point
Other specifications
Edge: plain
Blade hardness: 57 HRC - 59 HRC
Full tang construction
Skeletetonized handle
2 safety cord holes
Single guard on handle
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