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Product code: CS-CP-NCAMO-32L
Warranty period: 2 years

The Czech brand Combat Systems traditionally brings such tactical and combat pants to the market, which are among the most modern in their class. This is no different with these trousers in Norwegian camouflage style, which are designed according to a proven cut. The materials from which these trousers are made provide the wearer with maximum comfort and great mobility.

Quality cotton mix

Combat Systems Norway combat pants are made from a mixture of cotton and polyester in a ratio of 50 / 50. In addition, in Ripstop treatment according to the current Czech defense standard (ČOS). Ripstop treatment eliminates tearing of the fabric to the maximum extent possible. And when a crack does appear, it doesn't spread any further.

Camouflage and above average resistance

The trousers offer masking in the IR spectrum in the wavelength range from 400 to 1200 nm according to valid standards, Higher resistance of the trousers is ensured by elastic panels in places where the material is most stressed, that is, in the areas of the seat, groin and around the knees. There is no risk of tearing exposed areas even under extreme stress.

A higher level of comfort

The material from which these trousers are made is very breathable and provides good ventilation of the wearer's body, which increases the level of user comfort. The fly of the pants is not fastened with a classic button, but with a zipper and Velcro, which makes it easier to fasten and unfasten. The zippers on the fly and on the pockets are equipped with a slider with a paracord grip, which makes handling easier - even with gloves.

Pockets everywhere you look

The trousers are equipped with a total of 12 practical pockets, which are placed in such a way that you have easy access to them and at the same time that they can fit as much equipment as possible. You will find 2 front hand pockets with an open top entry for small items and 2 large thigh storage pockets with a flap with two velcro panels, in which there are loops for fixing magazines or water bottles.

Smaller but still practical

In addition to the larger pockets, these pants also have 2 smaller thigh pockets covered by a flap fastened with two velcro panels, which have external loops for equipment such as chemical lights and the like. Furthermore, 2 smaller but long pockets, which are covered by a flap fastened again with Velcro. These are located above the large thigh pockets and are pass-through to the pockets below. Objects such as flashlights or telescopic batons can be fixed here with an elastic strap.

And more pockets

At the bottom of the pants there are 2 small ankle pockets covered with a velcro flap. And also 2 back pockets with a zip, suitable for smaller soft objects, for example emergency foil. Carrying capacity is further increased by 2 solid fabric loops on the front belt loops, allowing the use of "D" rings or carabiners.

Possibility of fitting insert knee protectors

In the front pockets on the thighs there are hidden elastic cords with a brake for adjusting the height of the insert pockets on the knees, which are intended for insert Airflex knee protectors (protectors are not included in the package).

Benefits you need to know about:

  • combat pants
  • norwegian camouflage pattern
  • mechanically elastic in all 4 directions
  • elastic raised waist
  • elastic crotch
  • adjustable waist circumference
  • adjustable bottom edges of the legs - band with velcro
  • adjustable knee circumference - band with Velcro
  • elastic panels in stressed areas
  • height-adjustable insert pockets for knee pads (pads not included)
  • zip and velcro closure/fly (instead of a button)
  • masking in the IR spectrum
  • drawstring in storage pockets
  • 12 pockets in total
    • 2 front hand pockets with open top entry
    • 2 large thigh storage pockets covered by a flap fastened with two velcro panels
    • 2 smaller thigs pockets covered by a flap fastened with two velcro panels - 2 external pockets for equipment
    • 2 smaller but long pockets covered by a velcro flap located above the large thigh pockets
    • 2 small ankle pockets covered with a Velcro flap
    • 2 back pockets with zipper
  • 2 solid fabric loops on the front belt loops allow the use of key rings, "D" rings or carabiners
  • paracord grips on zippers (allow handling with gloves)
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Important parameters

Material in detail
50% cotton 50% polyester with Rip Stop
Other specifications
Elastic in 4 directions
Elastic elevated waist
Elastic crotch
Elastic panels in stressed places
Zipped and velcro fly (instead of button)
Adjustable knee circumference using velcro strap
Height adjustable pockets for insertion of knee pads (not included)
Adjustable pant cuffs with velcro strap
12 pockets
IR camouflage
Paracord grips on zippers allow handling in gloves


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